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I love reading about other people’s work setups, I really do. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. I’ll read about another blogger’s computer setup, or what kind of notebook and pen he uses, or how he works standing up or on a treadmill or while doing handstand pushups and growing a vegetable garden. And when I read about some cool setup someone else has, some cool new way of working, I inevitably want to try it. I’m only human. You’ve done this too, probably. You might read a review of some new software that will help you create, or a new fashion style or some cool shoes or beautiful furniture or the newest iPad, or the... read full article


The Comparison Trap

Love this article. It's so true but I'm guilty of comparing myself with others every day.





Who doesnt...



It is pretty hard not to compare yourself...but as soon as you change your mindset to not compare but to learn then you will learn a lot :)



I had a friend that not only wore my clothes all of the time she bought the same things i had. Things that were mine other people thought were hers! It drove me absolutely insane. Friends that constantly try to better eveything you have arent that much fun. But i think all girls will compare themselves to something else.
Great article!



Wow. Had never really noticed this up until now. Thanks !



Comparing ourselves to others is how we form our self image. Remember the stories of the boy brought up by wolves who did not know his humanity and appeared to believe he was a wolf. Remember the novel “Lord of the Flies” where the boys had no examples to guide them.

Humans compare behaviour. We compare belongings. We compare beliefs. This is how societies are formed. We look at things, compare them, and decide what is good and bad for us individually and as a group.

Comparing things can be positive. We try to help those worse off than ourselves. We try to keep our environment as it was rather polluting it. We look at cloud shapes to predict the weather. We see how many die on the road while driving at various speeds.

Comparing things help us achieve excellence. It might be in baking a cake, or growing a potato, or playing the piano. We can gain inspiration from others’ achievements. We compare ballerinas and rugby players and it gives us pleasure to be able to discern the nuances of their individual skills.

Why do we read blogs? So we can read and compare other people’s ideas.

Children will follow each and yearn for new experience, new things. This is part of growing up and discovering the world. However, surely with maturity, most of us develop a sense of self. We know what we like. We know what we need. We know what is important to us. I don’t believe that looking into the lives of others, we always find ourselves lacking. Far from it, if anything we become increasingly grateful for what know we do have, most especially the things that can’t be bought with money.

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