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With the price of food rising as the cost of living soars, the highly glamorised approach to healthy eating versus surviving on a budget is almost a paradox. The lifestyle theme of 2012 is the mighty SUPERFOOD. A simple unrefined sustenance which will provide us with all our daily dietary requirements, well at least this is what we are hoping for. Every other piece of propaganda we are exposed to is telling us to drink acai juice, use chia seeds in meals, eat goji berries and dine on kale. In a perfect world, yes we would all have these items stocked in our cupboards. In reality, the majority of us have no such delicacies. For me, I want to get swept up in the... read full article


Super Simple Superfoods

Great advice, my husband & I have been eating yoghurt everyday with breakfast and noticed we haven't had the same health issues, cold and flus that we had previously. Its so good for you..just need to get the kids into it (they prefer the dessert like ones, rather than the yoghurts with the good things in it)



I make my own yoghurt with an EasiYo maker. It's so simple and I can add as much or little flavour I want. It's naturally sour but I love it that way. You get a heck of a lot more for the price I think.



Good selection of healthy foods here.... nice advice!



Buying in season helps to add variety to the vitamins and minerals collected too!!! And it saves the wallet!!!



Great advice, mine would be to grow your own. It doesn't cost the earth for a packet of seeds and I now have peas and carrots literally coming out my ears. I love green tea. I have found raspberry and echinacea. This is beautiful cold on ice and sweetened with honey or stevia.



Mmm sounds and looks great. I make yoghurt with an EasiYo maker and hav some for breakfast every morning. Yum



Mmmmm a good reason not to feel bad about eating potatoes and popcorn



Potatoes, one of the best veges for people on a limited budget. They can be used for so many meals and store for ages. I like making baked potatoes with a small topping... usually some variety of stewy/saucey left overs so it make it like a whole new meal. And super easy to take to work.



blueberries with greek yoghurt would be my favourite way to eat superfoods especially in summer when you can buy fresh blueberries on the side of the road.



Have really been getting involved in green tea lately. Noticed they seem to be promoting in the malls as a weight loss supplement too! Always good to have a few quick to prepare, healthy snacks in the fridge or pantry.

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