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I haven’t written about finances in awhile, because these days I barely think about them. That’s because for several years, I focused on getting out of debt — and these days, I live completely debt-free and worry little about finances. It’s a beautiful thing. However, recently a reader asked me to write about Simple Budgeting, and so I thought I’d revisit the topic. I’ll talk about how I deal with finances these days, and then a Simple Budgeting method for those who aren’t exactly debt-free yet. How I Deal with Finances As I said, these days my finances barely register on my brain. Now that I’m out of... read full article


Simple Budgeting for Lazy People

Excellent easy to follow advise.
Definately make a list. Surprising how different things look written down as opposed to a rough list in your head.



I love lists, just need to follow thru!



...of course you need to have the money funnelling into your account in the first place. If you do, make paying off debt your number one priority (and, yes, that does include your mortgage). The money you can save in interest payments will far outweigh what meagre interest the average bank saving account will attract.



I wonder what soft of a "cushion" other people like to keep in their cheque account. I know I like to keep extra there just in case...but I still worry about something coming up that I can't cover.



Wow fab tips. Whenever I seem to make a budget I can never stick to it. But this isn't so much a budget as common sense and auto-magic



nowwww to make some lists...... very awesome tips!



lists i can do!! thanks!!



Great idea I thinks they should have more budgeting shows on Tv aand teach this in school they old saying that Cash is king still applies



Who hasn't wondered why budgeting isn't a compulsory part of the school curriculum as it is such a necessary skill for like.

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