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What is the rule of three? Well if you’re ever asking yourself what should I charge for my time? Figure out what you’d like to earn then multiple it by three. Why? Well it is all too easy to under price yourself (way too easy).  We often forget the initial meeting we had, the two hours putting together a proposal, the time cost of getting to and from meetings, not to even mention fuel costs, calling, hardware and our own intellectual property. This rule helps you avoid falling into the trap of being too cheap, over time you will get a feel of your market rate but use this as a baseline to start from. read full article


Rule of three

In theory this is great but in practice very difficult to do in the current depressed economic climate where cost almost always comes before anything else! There is simply too much competition and right now, I think people would rather work for less and build up client relationships for the future, than have no work at all!



its esp true though for setting up a company... decide what you think it will cost then mutliply that by at least three!!! there are always so many more costs involved!!



I agree with the notion that it's better to build client relationships, there are other ways of offseting costs but your repeat clientel will build your business and sustain in the long run.


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Ahh ladies...don't under estimate yourselves. There is a small psychological premise that goes along the lines of people valuing a service if it costs more. After all they have paid more for it, therefore it must be good



I would add that it is good to learn how to focus on the main goals. For instance, the study process is a complex of different tasks, and there could be a possibility of absence of the time for some of them. That's why the best decision in such situation is to find somebody to do your essay. Sometimes it is also important not to overestimate yourself and your capabilities.


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The rule of three is a principle in English writing that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier. National Enterprise Systems


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