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In the realm of computer animation, Pixar and DreamWorks have always maintained the top spots, while Fox’s Blue Sky animation has perpetually dwindled behind the giants with middling efforts (Ice Age & sequels, Robots, etc). Directed by Ice Age mastermind Carlos Saldanha, 2011’s Rio is, alas, not going to improve Fox’s animation reputation. Rio does offer a simple pro-conservation message, but not much else is going on underneath its surface - the picture is not emotionally affecting like Toy Story 3, nor as sprightly and clever as How to Train Your Dragon or as sweet... read full article



Reading this review, I wondered if Rio is a movie made for children or adults as the reviewer seems to be looking at it purely from an adult viewpoint. I haven't seen it myself, but from this review at least, it sounds very much like something little children might thoroughly enjoy!



My kids when to this and liked it (ages 4 and 9). My sister, aged 42, was not raving over it however. I understand putting elements in children's movies to appeal to adults, they are paying for the tickets and they generally have to go themselves, after all, but to review a kids movie from an adults perspective is a bit redundant.

Maybe kids should be reviewing kids flicks.



yer but alot of older people like kids movies... heaps use kids as an excuse to see it!!



I'm the person that uses my on as a reason to go and watch a kiddies movie... I am, however, only 19, but it's still great fun :)
My stepson went and saw this and kept going on about the 'bad bird' lol



lol i plan to be like that.. but dont have kiddies yet!!



Well, I'm totally using them as an excuse to go see Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2 :)



Took kids, but as this was my first 3D movie I thought it was really cool seeing birds flying at you and being taken for a ride over Rio.(we were slow to get 3D where I live - went to see Avatar but of course not in 3D and wondered what all the fuss was about.)


lol yer 3d does make it waaaay better... its funny now seeing some movies in non 3d that are made 3d... you can see the parts where something would have come out of the screen etc... but it always seems like its slightly lacking!!



My kids & I love love love this movie. I personally reckon it's the animated childrens movie of the year. We lurve the soundtrack with the samba beats & even Jamie Fox's little serenade awwwww!! Favourite scene:


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