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The sun is shining, it’s a brand new year and you are feeling good about yourself after a great Christmas break. So now’s just the right time to dig deep in to your powers of perseverance and commit to a healthy 2012.  The good news is you can forget the pills and potions because nature provides a healthy, nutritious and tasty treat you’ll love to include in your new year diet –salmon.  Regal King salmon contains more healthy omega 3 fatty acids than any other salmon[1]. And you need very little of the oily fish to get your weekly dose of the essential and nutritionally important unsaturated fatty acid.  Omega-3 fatty... read full article


New year, new you

I always think salmon looks so beautiful and very tempting, but unfortunately, I find it is very rich and it's one of the few foods that I don't really enjoy much. If you are like me, where do you go for other sources of Omega 3 oil?

There is a very extensive article about this at
but basically, the main sources are::
Omega 3 Flax
Omega 3 Fish
Krill Oil
Omega 3 Walnuts
Omega 3 Eggs



Not a lover of salmon either - also too rich for me. In saying that I have tried freshly caught fresh water salmon(Anatoki - Takaka) and really liked it. It was smoked and flavoured with your choice of herb.
Regal King Salmon is farmed in the Marlborough Sounds in saltwater and harvested when reaching maturity and as salmon are very sensitive to their feed and environment and their flesh quality changes as they mature, this is maybe what makes their flesh so rich. They are also a breed of Salmon called Chinook, which does have more Omega3 than other salmon, but try other breeds of salmon, which also have plenty of Omega3 to see if you like it. Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is freshwater.



I love salmon and try and eat it at least 2 or 3 times a week! I especially love the Regal smoked salmon but it can be a bit pricey...I can understand how people might not like it though, it can be quite rich...I prefer mine seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled with a squeeze of lime or lemon to serve...yum!



The sun is outstanding, it’s a product new year and you are sensing good about by hand after a great Christmas break. So this is the right time to explore in to your powers of persistence and obligate to a healthy 2012. I like essaymama The good news is you can overlook the medicines and liquids because wildlife offers a healthy, nourishing and tasty.


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