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Have the winter blahs got you down? Are you ready to add a little zazz to your wardrobe? If so, it's time to lift yourself up and climb aboard the latest trend in hosiery: coloured and patterned tights. That's right – these have replaced stockings and pantyhose as the legwear of choice for fashionistas who want to pick up the pace and add some drama to their outfits. The choices are endless, so you can rest assured that you can find fashion tights that you love. Let's look at some options:Fabrications for Every Occasion Tights come in a wide variety of fabrications. Wool tights for example, are perfect to keep your legs warm on a chilly... read full article


Leg It

I have a pair of cool patterned tights and everytime I wear them someone comments that they like them.



I think ill stick to black tights under dresses and skirts for the winter! Definitely a must! You won't catch me in a pair of jeggings though! Those things are T-R-A-G-I-C!!!!! :p. The different types of tights shown would look funky on other people, prob not me though :(



Nothing like snazzing up the winter wardrobe. Layering up is a must in colder climates so why not brighten up an outfit with these awesome tights. These aren't to be worn INSTEAD of skirt,dress or trousers though, no. Please don't.



I like them but don't think I could pull them off. I'll stick to black too!



Yeah I don't think I'd look all that attractive in tights or anything. Might just stick to stockings under skirts :)



I looooove lacy tights!


And I bet you're one of the lucky ones that can actually get away with wearing them! Lol Wish I was ever so lucky :(



the do make you feel sexy!!



Oh now I feel a bit sad. Snazzy tights are about the bottom of my list of self-indulgences No one in their right mind would consider drawing attention to my legs!


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