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Garnier launches first BB Cream in NZ BB cream has taken the international beauty world by storm – and it’s about to land in New Zealand in the form of the new Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. Developed by a dermatologist in the 1950s, Blemish Balm or BB cream was first used as an ointment to soothe, protect and help patients’ skin heal after surgical procedures. But in 2006, when the South Korean public found out BB Cream was the secret behind the flawless skin of their favourite actresses, demand for the product went through the roof – first in Asia and then throughout the western world. “BB... read full article


It's time to join the BB revolution!

It's a very good price so I'd be keen to give it a go. I have been trying out another new productt - Estee Lauder's Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator which retails in NZ around $150 (bought mine for $80US on holiday). This sounds like it does very much the same thing.



I'd be keen to give this a go although my problem has always been finding the right shade for my skin byt hey at this price it's worth a try.



I was expecting to reel back when I read the price. I might wait to hear the reviews, but it does sound interesting...for someone with problem skin like mine is. Every little bit of help counts.



And actually one problem I often have is that things like this in "light" are often too dark for me, they're either obviously too yellow or pink. I guess I'll wait and see with this one.



Oooh I can't wait to give this one a go, it's on my shopping list for tomorrow.


5 Star Chikita

Wice how have you found the one you are trying ?

this BB cream is essentially a tinted moistuiser with more benefits. As someone with skin pigementation that is other wise clear i find a tinted moisturiser doesnt give enough coverage so i will be interested to see what ppl think about this new product. Ive also tried alot of products out there to lighten my pigmentation and havent found one yet that does this either expensive or inexpensive.


I have a couple of pigment spots high on my cheekbones on either side. They are not terrible by any means and I am probably the only person who ever notices them. However, I guess I am vain and in the search for perfection, I have tried numerous products to lighten them.

My most recent tryouts prior to Esteee Lauder, have been Lancome's products but these proved unsuccessful.

What I found the Estee Lauder Idealist does, it to create a slghtly pearlised reflective glimmer over the surface of your skin. This is not a moisturising product in the slightest and you need to apply moisturiser over the top before your foundation. I use Estee Lauder Double wear foundation which conceals pretty well any way but the Idealist softens the look. I would view it as a skin appearance enhancer rather than anything else. Again, despite the blurb, it has not faded my pigment spots in the slightest but does disguise them in a gentle. luminious way.



In the latest NZ Women's Weekly this is featured in the beauty section. By the sounds of it the BB cream is more suited to young or oily skin types & it's also recommended to apply it OVER YOUR REGULAR MOISTURISER - ay??? I'm personally not keen on applying two moisturisers daily just to protect my skin so I'm just going to stick to my SPF28 moisturiser which is by Garnier as well.

For those interested in buying it the rrp is $17.40 but is currently on special at the Warehouse for $12.50 & I also saw the rrp at Pak N Save is around $14.00


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