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Isla Mujeres in Mexico is a great way to escape the tourist crush in Cancun. Roughly 9 miles offshore, the island contains the Mexican beach culture of a bygone era. Oh, and the name translates to “The Island of Women.” Isla MujeresFirst things first, the Island of Women is not populated with more, different or any other classification of women than you would normally find in Mexico. Okay, there is a Bay of Women, but don’t go there. Instead, Isla Mujeres is simply a stunningly beautiful island.Snorkeling and DivingEl Garrafon National Underwater Park is located on the southwest end of the Island. If you’re interested in... read full article


Isla Mujeres, Mexico – The Island of Women

So true, I went to Cancun for Spring break with my mum (bad idea)! Isla Mujeres was the highlight of the trip, we felt like we were in 'real' Mexico (rather than tourist-ville). Can't wait to go back one day :)



Sounds relaxing, and gorgeous
to look at. Unspoilt beauty.



I'm a snorkelling addict and have always wanted to visit the Yucutan area - compared to Cook Strait this would be like swiming through warm soft sheets



Oh I can't wait to go here, definitely on my to do list now! I love travelling miss it soo much being a poor student now, especially now that I look out my window and see the drizzly Wellington weather and the pile of study I have dangerously been procrastinating, THIS PLACE SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN!



I read your article and had to find out more. Appareantly, In Pre-Columbian times the island was sacred to the Mayan aged goddess of childbirth and medicine, Ix Chel. When the Spanish arrived here in the 16th century they named it "Isla Mujeres" because of the many cult images of goddesses here.

Another interesting thing i found out about Isla Mujere is that transportation on the island consists primarily of taxis or golf carts and moped scooters. As of 2005 there were 121 taxis, 500 golf carts, and 1500 moped scooters!


New Member

What a beautiful place! My partner and I were planning to do some travelling this year but I am now pregnant with our first so we will have to wait :)
It will definately be on my travel list of places to see!
The water is my second my home and my mum always called me a Fish because I would swim for hours. I think I would be at home here and it would be great for a family holiday :)



Warm & wonderful .....



Ohhh would so love to go there, Its just a shame its so expensive to go over that way. It looks so beautiful



Looks fantastic! It's true though the price to get there makes things a bit tricky.



Oh we need a Mexico competition :)

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