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Chelsey’s Rachel chats to Jane de Borchgrave, chocolate lover and creator of Kokoleka. Tell us your story: What did you do before Kokoleka?  I have been in marketing and new product development for years and have always been fond of food and cooking; I love the creation of flavours in food and have always been a huge chocolate lover; I am that person who adds extra chocolate to any recipe that calls for chocolate; I cannot remember a day when I have not had chocolate in some form! What inspired you to start up your own business?  The inspiration was not about wanting my own business necessarily; it was truly about wanting to drink a really... read full article



Sounds like a woman who knows what woman need, a good strong hot cup of HOT CHOCOLATE, loving the product,and now want to go out and buy it,but then i maybe lucky enough to win it, here's hoping



Warm Ginger yummo!



So wanting to try the hot chilli chocolate drink, I love Chilli Chocolate, and usually try and get my friend from Queenstown to ship me some from the Patagonia shop there which I turn into the most amazing drinks, so glad I could finally hopefully get a decent hot chilli chocolate drink to consume, as Im still yet to find a decent cafe in Auckland who produces a better hot chocolate than me...



Am heading to the Kokoleka site now to find out where I can buy some of these super yummy looking products locally. So want to try the Peppermint and Chilli ones, delish :D



Real smooth chocolate and I love the tin



Good on her for going out there and chasing what she wanted to do.great inspiration and i wish her all the success she can get.



Fabulous gift idea. Who doesn't like chocolate? No one i know. It looks like a yummy and fun product for all ages.



I think that if i dont win this i might just buy some for myself for christmas..



...I had to laugh about how she made her hot chocolates because...I use to do that when I was at Uni...everyone else would have coffee which I couldn't stand so I use to melt things down to have a hot chocolate....lol...then I went to Spain for 2 weeks and notice the total different of my useless attempt of making hot chocolate after I tried hot chocolate and churros....was wonderful....I also like how she got into starting up her business...have always wanted to take that step but have to many things going at once with work....but I know I want to do something sooner rather than later....


What's Normal

Enlarging photo here and printing off as we speak, and going to casually just leave it lying around.
Maybe someone in this house will take the hint for my Chrissie present, doubt it probably get more coasters..........again.
Oh well dreams are free I suppose.

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