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From the time we are young children, to the time we are older adults, we are constantly being told that our food choices matter. The important question is, why do they matter? To find out why our food choices are so important, continue reading this article. Throughout the article we will provide you with many reasons as to why eating healthy is important, as well as provide you with a small amount of information on which foods to eat more of and which foods to steer clear of. Let's begin by answering our initial question: why are our food choices so important? Our food choices are important because our diet influences our health more than any... read full article


Healthy Food Choices: Why They Matter

The 'you are what you eat' needs to be drilled in to people time and time again. I braved Pak'n'Save today and it amazes me how many overweight unhealthy lookign people push trolleys of complete and utter crap past me. White bread. pies. icecream. Coke. Blah, seriously wake-up calls needed all round.



Its amazing how much better you feel when your diet is full of fresh fruit and veg, it makes a huge difference in mood, energy, clarity of mind. I'm a life-long health food devotee!



All very well to say that we need to eat healthier foods (and I do agree), but I wish they would make the healthy options a bit cheaper!!



As a person who had cancer I think diet is really important ,I dont eat anything with artifical flavourings ,colourings I grow my own and eat alot of fish and fruit , vegs and make and bake and buy from farmers market .I feel good and know what I put into my body has made a difference.



When I look at the lifestyles of people I know who have become ill or died over the years, I sometimes wonder if we could be fooling ourselves about healthy diets - hoping we can make a real difference when in reality the die is cast as much, if not more, by some other means (external factors, hereditary factors).

So often it seems to me a game is played where the most diligent are struck with serious illness - those that eat well, exercise, try to reduce stress etc. On the other hand, there seem to be an awful lot of people who live quite decadent lives, who smoke, eat badly and/or excessively, but who somehow manage to live long and relatively healthy lives.

I started to weigh these groups up in mind and from my personal experience, it appeared that it was the middle of the road group who probably fared best with their health and longevity although the abusers didn’t do too badly either.

Almost all the young (under 45) people I know who have died from illness were previously of above average health. I can’t think of one of them who abused themselves. They were all at least either middle of the roaders or more often, healthy lifestyle enthusiasts who cared about their diet and fitness levels.

Then I looked at the old people I know who have died over the last few years. I could not honestly say (at least in their later years) that a single one ate particularly well. Most drank alcohol daily, few did any exercise and the majority smoked. They had all reached really good ages – 90, 89, 88, and 2 x 87.

It painted a very illogical picture which seemed to contradict what most of the world believes. I want to eat healthy. I want to believe it will make a difference.

I’d be interested to know of others personal experiences and if the people they know who have died or become seriously ill, were abusers, middle of the roaders, or health enthusiasts.



yer you notice it so much when you eat the right diet... that you are what you eat... but sadly there are so many options these days that we often choose the wrong ones...



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