Discussing :: EGG Maternity calling for New Zealand’s most photogenic mums-to-be (and their bumps)

It’s time once again for the EGG Model Mum-To-Be Competition. This year,celebrities, friends and families will choose the fresh New Zealandface of EGG Maternity’s Winter advertising campaign. In its six consecutive year, the competition will be taken online to the EGG facebook page, allowing the public to cast a vote for their favorite Mum. The public’s votes will decide the top five New Zealand finalists with the winner then selected by an expert panel including Celebrity mumsAja Rock, Monique Bree, Olivia Hemusand co-founder and designer of EGG, Charlotte Devereux. A separate competition for Australian entrants will run consecutively,... read full article


EGG Maternity calling for New Zealand’s most photogenic mums-to-be (and their bumps)

Just wanted to draw attention to this competition for any Chelsey expectant mums out there. I often forget to look at the 'endorsed event' column since it it right at the bottom of the scroll down and thought it might be the same for some other readers.



aww thats a neat competition... so many woman look so lovely pregnant!!



Totally agree. I loved being pregnant - including have an extraordinary body for a while! For me, the whole experience was amazing (though neither time did it go absoluetly smoothly ) and I am always sorry when I see people saying how awful it is being pregnant. Of course it's different for everyone but dwelling on the negative to me is a total waste of time.

I think pregnant women look absolutely beautiful too!



I agree. I think women look beautiful pregnant. I think it's great women now tend to wear clothes that show their gorgeous baby bumps rather than hiding behind their clothes during that time.



I have a cute pregnant friend (with cute kids) that I will tell about this !



I am so envious of those gorgeous mums and their baby bumps...aawww! This is one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life when the miracle of life comes to the fore.

I so miss being pregnant, just the sheer idea that in your body you are responsible for creating another life...as corny as it sounds.. that is absolutely mind boggling!

My eldest son in now 16 and my youngest ( and very last ) has just turned two ...I have two nieces who are currently pregnant whom I shall be telling about the competition, and one who has just had her gorgeous baby and the stories we have been sharing about our pregnancies...three generations have been such wonderful moments that we shall all cherish as we get older. It's been amazing comparing the way things were in Nana's days when you had to practically hide your pregnancy, to the freedom and encouragment to celebrate being pregnant, of today.


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