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If possible, give kids a space away from adult bedrooms and living spaces... here's how and what to consider: Use attic or basement spaces. When they are past the age of waking in the night, you'll both appreciate a bit of distance.  Think about creating a kids' en-suite if you have the space. Teach them to clean their own loo!Do what you can to contain the noise. Consider building products, insulation carpet and heavy curtains that absorb sound. If you have two living rooms, consider making one of them a kid's room. When they are younger it keeps the mess of toys and games in their own space. When they get older it gives them... read full article


Creating a kids zone

Great idea...just need the space!



Yes a good idea



good advise for the future!!



Yeah if only I had the space. Would use the garage but don't think the hubby would approve and it's a bit chilly out there in this weather.


seeing this post reminds me... where have you gone cinty!! You havnt been on in forever!!


I'd noticed too! We need our people to stick around! No time to get busy with life you know! There's Chelsey to post on....


You too crack me up...aint it nice to come Chelsy and know "your girls" have got your back! lol!



That's my biggest challenge at the moment is finding the space...roll on summer so we make use of our "outdoor" rooms.



When my kids were little we had a "sleeping and quiet room" where the kids could read books and chill out and the other bedroom we set up as an activity room with little areas for art activites, games console ( with time limits) and a block area for building etc and it worked brilliantly but being able to keep an eye on the kids and interacting from afar was the key to ensuring that they played nicely! Now that they are older not only do they need their own individual rooms but at times they need their own house! lol! Kids!



My son has just moved in to his younger sisters' bedroom (they all wanted it!) and so my son's room is now a play space.
We have high beds that can fit 3-4 of those 60L plastic containers under them. Storage is so essential with kids!

Thanks for the extra tips, Drawing Board



In saying that, they're all in the lounge right behind me at the mo spreading their mess and having loads of fun.


New Member

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