Discussing :: Benchmarking Small Business Call Etiquette

Unfortunately I fell ill last week and had to cancel some appointments.  Most were understanding (hey I don’t want to get you guys sick) some not so much.  One disgruntled person said could have given us more notice.  Hang on? It’s not like people plan on being sick…. It was then I wondered wouldn’t it be neat if there was a service that benchmarked small businesses call etiquette – the service rings up businesses and follows certain procedures to rank and score a business.  This is then shared online for all to see.  Then we can find out which are good to deal with and businesses can get a... read full article


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Benchmarking Small Business Call Etiquette

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This is pretty impressive, good to know that benchmarking small business called etiquette link. Well this happened with me too, I cancelled several appointments and things got out of hand, thanks for the post share.



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