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Want to tease squeeze and please your guy? Then check out our 10 sizzling must do sex moves. From peep shows to animalistic sex, these moves are guaranteed to spice up your sex life. A Culinary Delight Food and sex are a dream combination for most women. So turn your lover into a buffet by drizzling your favourite flavours on him – honey, chocolate sauce and whipped cream are popular choices - and then devour them, licking and kissing his most sensitive erogenous zones as you go. The Peep Show Most men are voyeuristic creatures. So give your partner a peep show. Stimulate yourself as he watches and invite him to join in. Don’t be surprised if he... read full article


10 Must Do Sex Moves

thanks for those "tips"!



these sound great! cant wait to get hubby home from work tonight!!! haha



Why is it that men are always so keen to try new things with you but then when it comes to handcuffs or a sex toy for him... he runs for the hills?



Something to think about!



all need to be tried at least once.



hehe tried a few... plan to try a few more!!



thanks for the tips must try a few


New Member

Thanks for your nice tips.I want to try it.



TBH I have done all but one, but I did do something even better in its place :-)



EUREKA! With the discovery that animals are much more intelligent that we ever thought, the gap between 'us and them' has narrowed. However, they just get on with the job... so maybe we've found it (hehe). Could it be that this obsession with diversity in sexual practices is what differentiates humans from animals? Maybe it is only humans who have a need to try to make sex more and more titillating and memorable. I wonder what's lacking and why this might be... and does it really work for you in the long term? (images of eighty year olds with saggy boobs and droopy bottoms licking chocolate sauce off each other!)


80 year olds doing it.......... go granny go! ......probably got it down to a 'fine art' .......... yeeeeha


You go girl!!


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