Discussing :: Your budget and bargain buys!


Your budget and bargain buys!

Lets hear about them, whatever they are!

What have you saved some hard earned $$$$ buying?



buying things with fly buys poiints =P



Good point! I don't have very many points at the moment. I did get a bread maker a few years back. Haven't used it for a while but should get it out again.


I flybought a breadmaker too. Use it about 3 times a week. Love the bread even though it often doesn't turn out perfectly... especially when I forget the salt (yuck) or the oil (hard) or forget to put the blade in and end up with a lump of cooked unmixed ingredients that even the birds won't touch. Today's loaf hit the top of the maker which is never a good look. I don't know how the stores make such perfect loaves every time. It's not like I'm imprecise about measuring ingredients!



We were luck enough to win some flybuys points and bought ourselves a dvd recorder.



My best buys are probably from trademe. And my best sales. But I've also had some really bad buys, things I wouldn't have bought at any price, and there's not much you can do about it when that happens. I left negative feedback for one lady who was selling costumes with totally wrong sizing, a lot of people had complained, and I just said 'maybe you could measure them and give accurate sizes' and she left horrible nasty feedback in exchange. I had Trademe remove it but they were really reluctant to do so. Puts me off really. I think on ebay they've changed it now so that sellers don't get to comment, only buyers, which makes sense because sellers wouldn't ship if they weren't happy with the trade so they are mostly protected.


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