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What's happening to Chelsey?

Such a pity.... A while back there were lots and lots of contributors to Chelsey but now almost the only, and certainly the most prolific posters, are the spammers. It has become apparent that Chelsey simply doesn't monitor forum posts nor even read the pleas to do so from its genuine contributors. No wonder members are not returning when most of what they see is spam.

I'm so disappointed but Chelsey seems to be bringing about its own demise.



Hi Wise, appreciate the feedback as you've noted everyday we're spammed 100+ posts and everyday we go through one by one to delete them all again... have got the developers on the case to figure out a solution rest assured we're making every effort to clear them out as they get posted. Best regards,



So good to get feedback from you. This is great news. Thank you so much for your efforts.



Why do 'spammers' bother,... it does nothing but alienate them, the product, & peeve us off...
Try to get to them, send it back.,



Thanks so much for cleaning up the Chelsey website; brilliant not to see almost every post a spam any more! Just thinking about it… I can't recall (I seem to be permanently logged in most of the time), do you have to log in to make a post or not? Do guests/new members have to log in, in order to post?

If it was a condition of the site that you had to register with a unique email address and then log in each session in order to post, wouldn't this help alleviate the problem? The spammers would then be identifiable and they could be blocked when they tried to enter the site.



They have to sign in with a unique email address, unfortunately they have 1000's of accounts for this sort of thing... developers are setting up another step where we as administrators must approve their email address... aka if it looks dodgy not approve it :)



I usually post over on the GetFrank forum and there has been issues with spammers there as well... staff do a good job of cleaning up the threads for us.



Its nice not to see so many.Such a pity just as a site gets cleaned up the beeps come back.It seems its a nightmare for so many places and has made me keep out of places for awhile.As far as spammers go they really must have a very poor life if all they can do is sit behind a screen and try to upset people.I wonder what sort of problems they have and why they havent learned to get on with people



What about one of those coded boxes to fill in when you make a post - the ones where you have to type in the letters or words you see - where they say 'just checking you are human" (is it called captcha?) After all, if you go to all the trouble of posting, this wouldn't bother me but who knows, it could bother a spammer



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