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What can I do with this? Recycling ideas!

I'm all for recycling stuff - not only usef, economical and green, but creative as well. We've talked about recycling bras and also some crafts using recycled paper and corks, I'm wondering what other ideas people might have for recycling stuff that doesn't seem to be of any immediate use any more. Maybe you have heard of a project, or maybe you know organisations who want particular goods for a project. Maybe you have made something or would like some help with making something. Love to hear and see anything Chelsey readers might like to share.



Not sure whether this post should go under recycling or arts and crafts projects.

"This is an interesting way to recycle and make your space even more appealing. Ennoo de Kroon is an interesting recycling artist who has started to develop the term”Egg Cubism”. It stands for painting on recyclable egg boxes. It is not only a form of art expression but a way of recycling waste. You have to look at the painting from different angled in order to get the full picture."





Nice thread idea!

I heard about this one not long ago.

Collecting KanTabs (for Kidney Kids )

Next time you have a canned drink, tear off the tab and save it. Once you have built up a collection of these tabs, drop them off at your nearest Lions Club. These tabs are recycled, and Kidney Kids receive the profits. We also collect wine bottle tops, any other aluminium lids (such as energy drink lids), and any other aluminium tear tabs (such as tuna tins, cat food tins, etc).




Our primary school takes all sorts of non-recyclable & recyclable stuff for arts & crafts - like the white plasticy sheets that your glass comes wrapped in when you order your groceries online (you all do that yeah? I'm not the only slacker?)



Recycling or innovative interior design? My hotel in NY had these interesting light fittings made from preserving jars!



People are so creative when it come to recycling for lighting. I have collected dozens of examples over the years. Hope they might spark something so someone on Chelsey gives making lights from recycled materials a go! These chandaliers are (clockwise from top left) made from plastic spoons, wine bottles, milk bottles, tea cups


Wouldn't have it in my house but the tea cups are pretty clever thinking.



I like the green ones, and the other bottles in the bottom left corner.
The teacups would look good in the right house.



yeah, they're pretty quirky, the teacups.



Still on lights, here is a chandelier made entirely of spectacles. The bottom left pic shows a close up. I've also included a chandelier made of beer bottles which may be slightly more accessible to Chelsey readers!


The spectacles are really quite amazing. I wouldn't have guessed what they were from the photo.



and ballpoint pens, milk bottles, cutlery and CD cases!


Those are all pretty clever.


wow those are pretty amazing!! they look so professional...

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