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Where have you been? Where do you want to go to? What's on your bucket list? Experiences and places?



Tonga - great place, awesome friend people - most affordable of all the pacific islands to visit.

Italy - oh momma mia, I WANT to get back. Lived there briefly but didn't appreciate it until I'd left.

Spain - exciting culture, amazing street performances, great food.

France - so looking forward to returning to Brittany one day.

Netherlands - got high just walking through the streets of Amsterdam

England - can't remember much, my cousin was driving the car so fast I didn't see much.

Beautiful country, friendly people, scenery stolen from every great wonder of the world - all compacted into one amazing experience!

I want to ride a motorbike across Route 66 - East to West!
I want to visit Mexico and South America



I've been to about 22 different countries, but it's never enough. I've been stuck in NZ for about 8 years now with just one small 10 day trip to Samoa 5 years ago and my feet are definitely ready for walking! I think the next trip is a month in the USA, driving around the national parks and various cities with my two girls. Can't WAIT!!



Fiona you sound like my husband... he's sailed the world and worked in many places abroad and has the itchier feet ever...

I no longer buy unnecessary little trinkets for my house as one day (and probably not too far away) I'll end up having to sell up and pack up all my stuff and we'll hit Europe's shores once more...



Ive been to Auz once with my parents....lame. Going to Gold Coast with the boy in November cant wait!!

Ive always wanted to travel and still do. Keen to go to US, Europe and Tokyo...



Wow, some of these sound great! I haven't had a chance to do much traveling but I'd really love to.


I can honestly say I've never regretted a cent I've spent travelling. I've regretted cutting a couple of trips short though. And I've certainly regretted spending money on other things....



Ive been to Hawaii, Australia, Fiji - would love to travel to alot more countries, just need to try and save money to do it. I think its the best experience ever going to another country. They have such great specials now to get to places and the dollar is even good in America, just need to save save save!



ive been to Australia, fiji, mexico... america... we went on a cruise boat through mexico - that was amazing!! and of course ive done the typical new zealand road trips all over nz.. thats always a fun one!!


Where about did the cruise go? I did one from Mexico down central American to Honduras, Belize and back. It was awesome! It was on a beautiful motorized sailing ship called the Windstar (and it was pretty much free!) I'd do it again in a HEARTBEAT. Especially if it was free again :)


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