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Who hear is an animal person? Who are the four legged additions to your family?



me... cats!! we have a 4 legged cat beast named skippy



Two cats and a dog here. That's plenty for me. They keep me busy.



wow sounds like plenty... although at my last house we had 4 cats between all of us... they went through ALOT of food!! but i think my cat misses having friends sometimes...



One cat, two guinea pigs, which are nearly the perfect pet. They both mow AND fertilize your lawn. Though I must admit, my daughter and I both fell in love with a kid (goat) at the Pet Expo last weekend and I seriously considered buying it. But rationality won when I realised I'd have to build a fence and a gate, all the plants in the yard would get eaten, and it would only be cute for another few months and then we'd just have a big ol' goat.



oh a goat would be such a fun one!!!!! i love them!! and they deff mow the lawns!!


Yeah, the lawns, the vege garden, the bushes, the low tree branches... Maybe it would be okay if I owned my own home, but I think the landlord might have something to say about it :)


true haha its hard enough to be allowed a cat these days!!


And the neighbors too


lol id be happy to have a goat as my neighbor!!


My old flatmate was wanting a goat - she had the perfect section for it but then got told she needed a permit for it. She called the council and asked how to go about getting a permit to have a pet goat and then got told she was dreaming as she lives in a suburban area! So she ended up with a few chickens :)


Just Me

Two fur-babies in our household :))



Our big Rugged gangsta boy A 8y/o Jack russel foxy cross acts so much bigger and braver than he actually is



Two lovely dogs :0)



What size are your two coco? I'd love two but the one of mine takes up MORE than enough room!

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