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How did you meet your friends?
posted by KH
8 "Ive been very lucky to make lots of really good friends since moving to new zealand - when I came I had never visited before, and knew no-one. I met several folk through work, and through dancing ( west coast swing, check out!)...."
28th July '11, 5:21pm
posted by flowery3 »
Unsolved mysteries
posted by KH
6 "yer but ants are sooo tiny that it would still kind f drag hehe or maybe the lines are made from thousands and thousands of tiny little ants feet =P"
28th July '11, 11:39am
posted by Anna »
Do vegans and whale lovers kill cockroaches?
posted by Wice
1 "We should value life. We should protect it and not destroy it. Save the whales! Don't drink that fish! Where's the fly spray? Yuk - wash those ants off my sugar bowl! Got you mozzie! How do you feel about the passion and ..."
28th July '11, 12:26am
posted by Wice »
posted by KH
13 "Well, everyone here has to say Chelsey! But Chelsy aside... For anyone who wants to see the latest and greatest in creativity, I highly recommend: This amazing website is run by a Kiwi who now lives in New..."
27th July '11, 11:13pm
posted by Wice »
For the mother's out there
posted by Cinty
1 "Hi guys. I just thought I'd start a thread up here where all the mothers can have a chat about anything. Problems that are worrying you, child birth stories, a place you can brag about your child's milestones and all that sort of stuff :) So I'll..."
27th July '11, 11:04am
posted by Cinty »
Snow in Christchurch Yesterday
posted by Rocketman
2 "i wish!! that would have been sooo cool...*mutters* stupid auckland... stupid no snow!!"
26th July '11, 4:50pm
posted by Anna »
Who is cold today?
posted by KH
6 "the cold def doesnt help the getting up in the morning plan... esp for me... i dont start work/uni till 10... but always get up at 7:30 to go to the gym... but when its this cold its especially tempting to stay in bed till 9:30 and skip the gym!!!"
26th July '11, 11:12am
posted by Anna »
favourite recipie!?
posted by Anna
5 "mmmmm yum!!! sounds so delicious!! i love creamy meals!"
25th July '11, 7:35pm
posted by Anna »
The LG Competition
posted by StillMe
14 "I reckon I'd pick the 3D Blu-ray home theatre system, just because it sounds big and awesome. Oh and because my partner keeps bugging me for a PS3, just for the blu-ray player! Money's a bit tight though, saving for the wedding, so no PS3 in sight..."
25th July '11, 6:59pm
posted by busy_bee900 »
Holiday spots on the cheap...
posted by Anna
2 "We used to stay at the Waihi Beach Motor Camp when I was a kid, every year from boxing day til about the 5th of Jan. It's way more expensive now as it's a Top Ten but we still go there (only a couple of nights) as there is an awesome pool,..."
25th July '11, 6:36pm
posted by StillMe »

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