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Interior decorating

What's your favourite style? Do you have any websites or blogs to share for some inspiration?

Where do you like to shop for household accessories? Furniture?

Where would you be shopping if money was no object? How about if you're on a really tight budget?



man doing a house with a massive budget would be sooo much fun!!! i think id have like different rooms meaning different things.... like themes or something... that would be great fun!!


I suppose on an unlimited budget I'd be travelling the world picking up bits and pieces from all over the place! :)



I like the saying "Beautiful or useful" with interior decorating but I find it quite hard to stick to this.



I've just enjoyed looking through the photos on this blog http://www.jaxdoesdesign.blogspot.com/


Tons of great stuff here too http://www.houzz.com/



If anyone has any suggestions for where to shop for affordable but nice vases, lamps, cushions, decorative bowls etc I'd really love to know. I wonder if it's better to be looking at second hand options?



An infinity bath would be rather nice. Seen a few infinity pools but no infinity bath before.


i dont think youd ever have trouble getting the kids to have a bath again... or maybe you would because you wouldnt want to leave!!


Looks beautiful, but where does the excess water go when you climb in?!


They do have a bit of a thing for overfilling baths in these types of photos I've noticed!



I would also have trouble saying no to this



And quite different again


this one kind of looks ancient??



I'd love an outdoor spa. This one would be hard to resist using.


o0o0 i like the outsideness of this one!! but i think id have a like open sided hut roof thing...


I think Id like mine to be outside under the stars, no roof at all! After all even if it rains, you dont need to worry about getting wet!! And the raindrops plopping on your skin would feel nice when sat in warm water..!



And maybe a fireplace by the bathtub would be nice too


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