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It's quite a hard time to get work and I really sympathise. I have my own business but it is really slow right now and I could do with more work myself. Quite a number of businesses are still laying off staff and I know that even among my own clients, a number have closed their doors over the last year. I gues we all just have to be optimistic and try to make and take opportunities. Maybe having to make that extra effort will bring out the best in us :D



How's it going Laura? Any luck yet? Still have fingers crossed for you.

Heard about a weird job on the radio this morning. Three chaps are going around a Dunedin cemetery taking pictures of all the tombstones before they are lost. I think they are doing it for the City Council who will upload them to their website. People can then use them when tracing their ancestry. There are about 8,0000 of them and on a good day, the men can do 50 an hour. This is just one of a number of Dunedin cemeteries. They are encouraging Councils throughout the country to do the same....Not that I'm sure you would fancy it, but you could ask your Council if they would hire you to do it!


man i soo couldnt do that... cemetaries are creepy =S



Haha, that is really weird. I guess it would be good money though. I have actually done two days work at the motel I last worked at a month ago, just basic cleaning. So that's better than nothing!



You don't need a job...when you can have an occupation!

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Good luck!



How are you going with the job hunting Laura?

I guess our work prospects, like most things, are limited only by our imaginations and as soon as I saw this I thought of you again. This young lady designs clothes from balloons. They are amazing. She started work as a florist and she looks quite young! Here is some blurb:

“Japanese balloon artist Rie Hosokai uses latex balloons to create unique dresses that can only be worn 24 hours before they deflate and change color in hot weather.

The latex balloons are inflated and hand-woven in different directions both vertically and horizontally, creating a texture similar to fabric. The amount of air that goes into each balloon is pretty hard to estimate when adjusting the size and volume of the dress, but the 35-year-old artist has been working with balloons for 10 years so she has everything pretty much figured out.

She started her career as a florist, before switching to balloon art and opening her very own studio, Daisy Balloon, where she creates all kinds of inflatable artworks.

Although her “fabric” is very inexpensive (just ¢0.09 cents a balloon), the dresses Rie Hosokai makes sell for thousands of dollars. They last only 24 hours before starting to seriously deflate, must be kept away from sharp objects and change color at high temperatures, yet these designer balloon dresses cost between ¥150,000 and ¥300,000 ($1,930 – $3,860). She has even sold a full set of balloon-made wedding dress, headpiece and bouquet for ¥1 million ($13,000).”


Only just spotted these pics. That is a rather unique thing to do with balloons and a rather different career choice.



That's pretty cool. How artistic and unique!



Are you a good cook Laura or have a couple of good baking recipes? Have you ever thought of doing a daily muffin/ cupcake/slice/ your particular speciality moring/afternoon tea run around the office blocks or factories in your city/town. You could make enquiries if anyone else is doing this. All you need is the will to do it, and a basket to start your own traveling office catering business...

PS: You might need some sort of permit so ring the Council if you think you might like to try it.



Yeah, back to the original topic. What soft of interests do you have out of work Laura?

I'm an animal person and an easy thing you can do to do with them is look after other peoples while they are away, feeding them, house sitting, walking dogs.

There might be something simple you could do around your own interests?



A few more ideas....

Done any babysitting? If you have some experience, you could try afterschool care as lots of working parents would love to have someone they could rely on till they get home.

Green thumb? I also have freinds who would love to have someone help with their gardens for an hour or two every couple of weeks.

Wallpapering and painting? The very best paperer and painter I ever came across was girl of about 22 who set up her own business after learning the trade working with professionals on her parents home. What'smore, single women trust her more than men to be tidy and honest. She does a roaring trade and always has a waiting list.

Private house cleaning? Again very sought after by the elderly living in their own homes who can't cope very well but don't want to be tied into Social Services.



Just wondering how you got on looking for work Laura. Have you managed to find anything to suit yet?

I thought about you when I was in NY as I saw some of the bizarre things people do to make a living. One of the most obvious was dressing up and then just standing around on the street waiting for people to ask to take their photograph with you.

Among thoee I saw were:
Little Kitty
Spongbog Squarepants
Spiderman (jumped into my picture then got angry when I wouldn't pay him!)
The Naked Cowboy
Man with a cat on his head....

Also lots of buskers and street performers who were really talented!

Here are a few pics I caught


havent seen laura in the forums in a while... maybe that means she got a job and is now too busy!!??

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