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According to Wiki answers, 720,472,118 phones are thrown away each year.

Phones with biodegradable cases have made the jump from prototype to real world product. Made from potatoes, corn and kenaf,

NEC's N70i cell phone case will simply rot and decompose when you chuck it in the compost. As an added bonus, NEC reckons the manufacturing process uses far less CO2 than your average petrochem-based plastic mobile. I believe this is phone is currently available only in Japan . If you look around the web, it appears a number of manufacturers are producing prototype biodegradable phones so let's hope they become popular!


yer im one of thos ephone chucker awayers... i always think i should do something with it then it lies around for a few months then i end up just chucking it...



We recycle & reuse a lot. And pass stuff onto other people to be reused. Would you consider buying the recyclable phone (above)? It looks pretty basic, so maybe if I only wanted a basic phone and it wasn't too much more I might.



I think the Local Council has a disposal system for this kind of thing? I keep them or give them away. My sis took my last one which wouldn't keep it's charge for more than a few hours - she is home all day so just keeps it on the charger.
It had a good camera with it!


yer i have no idea about the disposal of them... that why i always end up chucking them away when im on one of those crazy clean up rants haha!!



Reduce the amount of waste that is being produced, use things more than once.
Recycle more. Paper, cardboard and cards can be made into something new.
Compost organic waste in your garden instead of sending it to a landfill or incinerator.



I try to be eco friendly. I turn my computer and monitor off at the end of the day. Rent a only hybrid car for a road trip. Started a compost pile in your backyard. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at dinner. Recycle — which is the most important! Sometimes my husband hires a few workers from Mobile Screening & Crushing company for recycling paper, glass and soft garden products.


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