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Environmentally friendly

What steps do you take to be environmentally friendly?

What's your opinion on global warming? Do you think we should be worried? Should we be doing more?



I think the best way to think about the planet is similar to the best way to manage our lives - don't waste stuff, don't make a mess! Also I think a lot of the worlds environmental problems stem from overpopulation which no-one seem to talk about much. Too many people means overfishing, sewage in the sea, cutting down rainforests to plant food crops etc. And having come from overcrowded britain to beautiful new Zealand I can say and overcrowded planet is not one I'd want to live on! If we could reduce the population, there would be plenty of room for all the trees to soak up the CO2 we produced, with no problems. Seems crazy to me that NZ pays a carbon tax when I would guess we probably soak up more CO2 with all our bush than we produce! Specially since we produce so much of our electricity sustainably with geothermal and hydro power. We should GET money back for doing that! Thats my thoughts anyway!



Definitely overpopulation is a concern, but it's the amount that people consume that is the real problem. Imagine a country the population of China consuming at the rate of Americans and you'll get the big picture. And I'm not saying that we have to keep poor people poor, but rather reduce the consumption of the wealthy. Try telling Americans that though.



Its certainly a balance, but if the world had a smaller population it could support them all in comfort, and there would be no need for millions to be poor. Im not for rampant american style consumerism at all, not a healthy way to be, but for there to be enough for all without stressing the planet. It seems every animal that out-breeds its natural resources ends up with starvation, disease, and mass death. Perhaps, by controlling our birth rate, we can stop before we reach that stage?



It's not difficult to do things that are supposedly of less harm to the environment than others. I use the 'right' light bulbs, have a worm farm to recycles scraps, use solar water heating. I try to buy green products. I choose sustainable products in my business and energy efficient appliances at home. I recycle paper, plastics and metal. However, I see what I do as having such an infinitesimal effect that when I look at what is going on all around me, I wonder if I am just kidding myself and whether my drop in the ocean is of any real benefit at all unless everyone is doing the same thing.



Eco-Friendly Recycled Concrete Pipes Hotel: TuboHotel


This is awesome! WHere's the 'like' button. Have you seen the houses made from old shipping containers? Also cool. I'll look for it.



If you are responsible for any printing, I read a very interesting fact sent out by a local printer in a competition. This industry has made huge strides in becoming eco--friendly. Here's what they had to say:
"Did you know that the printing industry today is about 97% less damaging to the environment than the industry was in 1990 and the world’s forested surface is actually increasing by 340,000 hectares a year?"

Now isn't that great to know!



I can't find the one I like best, but this one is pretty awesome :)


That's pretty clever! I had to go and look up more photos of shipping container houses.


Just found this info on that house

The 4 bedroom home is 3,000 square feet and built for a family with 6 children. A traditional house with of this size with wood framing would have cost the family at least $400,000, but instead cost the family only $175,000. That’s $58 per square foot - practically unheard of for an American home.


It's amazing, eh. I wonder if he was a builder, or planner, or if it included all of that. Amazing house. I'd LOVE to have a house like this one. Preferably in a tree :)



Brings to mind this house I saw on Wellington Melling Morse Architects website. Big windows with lovely tree view.



Koolhaus Faucet is an interesting concept developed by Daniel Dobrogorsky so people can monitor their water consumption.


Useful with most City Councils charging water rates these days!

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