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I searched and searched the forums but nothing came up when I entered 'chocolate'. Remember when we had a really extensive thread on the topic. Anyway, I came across this 'ultimate' for chocolate lovers and thought of Chelsey. I just had to share it:

The installation by Anya Gallaccio can been found at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh. Called 'Stroke' the exhibit is literally an entire room is covered in thick dark chocolate, lightly scented if not overwhelming. The desire to interact by picking, licking or stroking the chocolate covered walls is almost compulsive and I believe you are allowed to lick!




An since we can't all get to Edinurgh, you'll just have to imagine the smell and take a look at the pics...



I don't know if I would want to lick a pre licked choc wall but I do love chocolate, especially the chilli chocolate.



It's a bit like the lickable wall paper in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, though I wouldn't want to lick that, either. Yuck. Do we really think this is 'art' though??


animal lover

I love chocolate BUT I wouldn't want to lick a wall that who knows how many strangers have already licked. Gross. Therefore the room would just be a tease, smelling like chocolate but not having any to eat!



Hmmm a chocolate wall....I wish I had one in my house made of Whittakers Dark Almond! Yum! Agree with the others that this one isn't one I'd fancy to lick though-eew



Ew imagine the germs on this



great idea but I was thinking of the germs too! It would be great to make a gingerbread house out of chocolate for a friend who was chocolate made - a choc house! decorated with lollies and frosting!



Love chocolate and I am addicted to it...especially Cadbury's New Zealand products...:) x



The 'Wailing Wall' in Jerusalem has a lot of activity - no sign of chocolate there .. ? ... or is there?


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