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Best prizes/ best wins

With the great competitions Chelsey is currently running it's made me wonder what's the best thing you've ever won?

I love hearing about prizes other people have won.

I haven't won very much but just won the Brancott Estate limited edition prize pack from Chelsey and that's one of my best wins so far.

Anyone else had any nice wins?

Keep us all inspired!



Nothing really that good, Ive won a couple of dvds and a book here and there, thats about it.



I won broadband for a year and a computer. It was the weirdest thing. I got a call from a lady who could hardly pronounce my name so I assumed it was a telemarketer. She went on for ages trying to confirm if I'd entered the competition, which I couldn't remember doing, so I thought she was just going to tell me about some great broadband offer I could buy. Then she told me I won and I sceptically said "really?" And after trying to get me excited for about 5 minutes (it was too late, I was waiting for the sell now) she then told me I also won a computer. "Really?"

That was friday so on Monday I called the company who was giving out the prize and the woman didn't know anything about it, said it was probably a crank call but when to check. She came back and said "Are you sitting down?" I had won.

Then I didn't actually get the prize for about another month, in which time I'd already convinced myself that they'd decided against giving it to me, and that it had all been a mistake. Haha.


Oh, and I forgot to put in that she did actually try to sell me a cell phone and plan at one point, which didn't help me believe it was the real deal :)



Oh, and I also just 'won' a $200 voucher for Farmers by submitting a 'winning' letter to the editor for Tots to Teens magazine. And we won tickets to a movie through them too for a funny thing my daughter said. And I won $20 credit at the Unimart for a letter to my University magazine.



Thats a good prize, but strange that the lady you rung didnt know about it. I enter all the big competitions in the hope of winning I always think someone must win, I especially enter holiday ones, that would be so cool to win a holiday. But there must be 1000s of entries in all the competitions. But you never know .. :0)


Yeah, I would love to win a holiday. Actually, a round the world trip would be best I think :)


I love to win any holiday... sadly everyone always wants to win great prizes like that so the competition is always stiff!!



A Holiday would be a pretty fantastic prize! All those memories from something like that...



i won a poem competition and my poem got published in a table top poem book!!


How cool!! I just got told that another of my 'letters to the editor' is being published in the Uni newspaper on monday so that will mean another $20 at Unimart! But this doens't quite compare to a poem book :)



I won $25 off a $3 scratchie and my mum won an iPod nano off a radio competition. Needless to say, she was pretty stoked :)


haha i love scratichies!!



It's always a nice surprise to win something. Specially when you wouldn't have been able to spend the money on the prize yourself.


I entered a ton of comps to try to win an xBox but didn't. So we just saved up and bought a second hand one off trademe. I also won one of those Whittakers limited edition website blocks which was pretty cool. I'm trying to win Body shop products at the moment but failing miserably.



Won a weed eater from good morning years ago a few dvds and a couple of movie tickets


I'd love to win a weedeater. Something I'd never buy but would be really helpful. My daughter won an xBox dance competition at Dick Smith before we owned an xBox and she was given about 6 DVDs, none of which were really suitable for a girl her age. Trademe took care of that though :)

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