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What men think but do not say !

Fact 1. 99% of men hate going clothes shopping with Women, we simply don't enjoy it at all and to be truthful we would rather have our fingernails pulled off without an anesthetic then go.

Fact 2. Never ask does this dress make me look fat because if we want to eat dinner and still have our teeth the answer would always "Of course not honey its very slimming".


I agree with your fact 2 rocket but i actually enjoy clothes shopping with my partner , i think clothes shopping is when you see some women in their element.Their happy , look beautiful and are cheerful what more could you possibly want


What a charming response! You made me feel all mooshy.

Reminds me of when my kids were chasing each other around the supermarket and I was at my wits end. A dear old gentelman came up to me and said "How lucky you are to have such happy, healthy children!" - and suddenly I remembered I was :-)



Will l ever get the Credit Card back?


Anything for a peek up her skirt ay?!



It sometime happens in long relationships when people know each other really well. I think that my hubbie says whatever comes into his head when he talks to me. I guess this is part of how he sees intimacy - as being honest and upfront regardless of the effect. It's often not that pleasant but I guess I always know where I stand.



I think also when youve been togeither for a while you can tell when the other one is lying or evading the question its better to honest and maybe offend we quite often tell each other a few home truths when we think the other is being an arse or thinks that just cause where a team we should stick up for each other even if either of us is wrong



My Hubby comes clothes shopping with me.I can't say it's his favourite pastime but he grudgingly smiles,pays the bill and picks up the bags...But hey if it was an electronic store...Well that's another story



....My partner doesn't come cloth shopping with me and I don't expect him to like he wouldn't expect me to go fishing with him and his mates we have our own vices.....and leave each to theres...not that I do shop physically for clothing a lot now most of it is done online.....we do like the electronics and sports stores so we have a mutual shopping ground so to speak......



i dont think id like to go shopping with him.... its a girlie thing haha


....definitely...especially if you are trying to shop for something to look good for him...would lose its flair if he is right there when you are trying stuff on.....takes a strong man to be able to stay and stand in a womens clothing store while us ladies a trying on everything and anything lol.....as I know my males preference when shopping for guy clothes is to go in and get exactly what he wants and out again.....as quickly as possible.....


I agree. Why would you want to drag someone along when they didn't want to be there. It would take all the fun out of shopping.

To be honest, I'm not crazy about shopping in the first place, I'd much rather do it online.

I have to drag my kids most of the time which isn't a lot of fun, either, but they are old enough now that they can help spot nice clothing, and get me different sizes when I'm in the changing room. Haha. I knew they'd come in handy eventually :)



...Most of the time we have got the kids in tow as well and my youngest seems to have a passion for climbing under the clothes rack,looking under changing room doors and putting items on esp hats....So hubby is their to remove her from the shop..Before the sales assistance do...So I am going more with the On-line shopping...Esp when you can find sites that do free delivery



what he always thinks and doesn't say = sex
no mater the time or place, thats why he'll follow you around the shops - so next time simply ask him "Do i look sexy in this" he'll say yes or no, or ask him to find something he wants you to wear to make you look sexy. good luck.



What men want and what men need are completely different things. Sometimes they get themselves in trouble when they get the two mixed up, but hey you try telling them that. They should jut keep their minds on the job at hand and not get greedy


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