Discussing :: What does your man do to annoy you


What does your man do to annoy you

Does your Partner do anything delibratley to annoy you and if so what
Mine when Im angry with him will not shave cause he knows that my pet hate



Also he sulks if he doesnt get his way like a four year old



...my man is definitely a man's man but when he is sick he is a big baby and wants to be attended on all the time...lol...but it does crack me up...lol


trotally.. the man flu!! if they have the same bug as you at the same time... his is totally worse and you should look after him!!


...hahaha mine when he is stuck in bed always wants cream of chicken soup, some good car or sports mags the remote and no one is allowed to touch it and a laptop next to the bed...and me giving him his medicine like a big baby...lol...us women grow a pair and are still able to do things when we are crook...not my man stays in bed...and won't budge for no one....lol



Haha more like what doesnt he do to annoy me! Not shaving is the worst thing.



This topic is just too sad :-(


you cant tell me your man doesnt get a bout of the man flu every now and then!?!



What made you think he didn't annoy me? Can't you see me blubbing just thinking abouat it!



i thought you were meaning sad as in we shouldnt be saying such things =P



To relevant quotes by those no doubt wiser than me....

According to Tome Hannah (whoever he is):
"Tolerance and celebration of individual differences is the fire that fuels lasting love."

and by Helen Keller (at least we all know who she is)
"Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle."

...of course, you all know that I can't ride a bike!



My man will do anything he can to annoy me because he thinks I look sexy when I'm angry, not good! I seem to be annoyed alot. LOL



When he knows its the time on the month and he deliberately does stuff that really annoys and gets to me! He goes the extra mile to get me agitated...i guess its much easier to, but still its totally unnecessary.

Also if I am eating something nice he would sometimes start talking about something gross......and he knows how much it puts me off my food!

Ohwell, all in all i still love him :) I am sure he'd put up some things he didn't like that I do 'deliberately'. Although it seems like he always does this stuff deliberately..maybe he isn't. Who knows...it really gets to me though :/ :) :)


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