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Unromantic to Romantic...Is it possible...?

I was kinda blown away today.My Hubby who honestly hasn't got a romantic bone in his body came home with a bouquet of flowers.OK a day early as valentines day tomorrow which honestly we never celebrate anyway.So I am still waiting for the Punch Line....Ummmm... Maybe after work drinks Friday...I really need to stop being so skeptical.So has anyone else got an unromantic husband or is it just me.



aww thats cute! I love the unexpected. This valentines day I was sorta unwell. Me and my boyfriend have been going out for over three years now, and since the beginning we have done nothing for valentines day. It doesn't bother me as I am not really into the whole marketing aspect of it. The way I think of it is why should we only celebrate love one day of the year? Why can't it be spontaneous and out of the blue instead of getting the expected dinner and movie or roses.......I wouldn't say I haven't got an unromantic husband because we don't do valentines day....because he can be romantic in other ways (like when he says cute stuff to me :) )



Hey Bernadette...We've never got into the whole Valentine thing either....But that's really sweet that your boyfriend does really cute stuff sometimes words speak louder than actions....and that means more than having material stuff....xxx



That's so sweet! It's nice to have random surprises like that that remind you someone is thinkin of ya :)

My man and I don't do valentines day really either. We have a bit of a tradition though of putting things in a scrapbook that we've been up to over the year. Just little things like photos, hotel receipts, concert tickets, etc. It's kinda nerdy but it's fun putting it all together and remembering what has happened since V day the previous year!



....I think men can step up when necessary some take longer that others, some think that the little things they do during the day is their way of showing they care, without coming out and saying it...I am greatful that my partner is a wonderful man.....but its great to be surprised to....not just on Valentines but on other days also



hmmm my husband didn't do anything for valentines day 8-( If anyone knows how to make a guy romantic please let me know 8-)



Tanya, try asking him to do something next year. But ask him now. If you have to ask him the day before it'll take some of the magic out of it. :)



Make-up sex may prove the contrary.



My man is not very obviously romantic either - he didn't even like to say I love you very often, but that wasn't because he doesn't love me, but because he didn't want it to become a meaningless reflex! It took me a while to get the hang of that, but now I appreciate it. And I realise that his romantic acts may not be buying me flowers (not very often anyway!) but he shows me his love in more subtle ways, which I am getting better at spotting. So I have got used seeing and appreciating his ways of being loving, and at the same time, he has very gradually started remembering the romantic things that mean a lot to me, though don't make sense to him - meeting each other half way perhaps?!



My partner is not obviously romantic either but he does bring me flowers (only cos he's been trained too and it's like a military operation with him getting the right flowers at the right time! ;o)) - but bless him for trying. When he does say 'I love you' it makes me want to cry and I'm glad we are not a couple that says it at the end of every phone call!

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