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Going Solo - the pro's, the con's.
posted by Mellow
9 "Going solo .... You can do whatever you like , with whoever you like , however you like , whenever you like ! =)"
12th August '14, 11:56am
posted by New Member »
Do You Believe In Renewing Vows
posted by ClaireElizabeth
22 "Renewing wedding vows is a personal thing - it shows great commitment and love . "
2nd August '14, 6:45pm
posted by New Member »
Stalker awareness
posted by Mellow
3 "I think it is important to let a lot of people know what is going on, so that you can contact help in a moments notice. Talk to neighbours etc (they don't need to know the whole story, just that you are feeling uncomfortable) so you can call on them..."
29th July '14, 2:54pm
posted by animal lover »
Love vs 'In Love"
posted by Wice
5 "That's sort of the opposite of what I believe. I think that you have to love someone to stay with them as very few people (at least that I know) could be called "in love" with their partners as the years go by and they experience both sides of the..."
25th July '14, 11:30am
posted by Wice »
Great relationships - couples vs married couples
posted by Wice
23 "Each to their own, you are the one to live with the decisions you make. We have been married for nearly 14 years, before that we'd lived together for about 6 years. I have to say that once we were married, things were alot better in our..."
23rd July '14, 3:42pm
posted by vickym »
Love and sex - what's the relationship?
posted by Wice
3 "Love chocolate .... then there is sex. Both are appealing but after 'too' much, it may require the desire to spice it up or go hungry! Long term needs pacing."
8th April '14, 5:32pm
posted by Mellow »
Wedding Family Dramas
posted by RC
14 "place setting family members next to other family members who never get on always causes drama, or the uncles or cousins who start drinking way before the reception starts and either turns into a stripper or a boxer those seem to be some interesting..."
23rd December '13, 2:37pm
posted by Dee-Dee »
What not to do when recovering from a break up
posted by Naomi
22 "not having a rebound root would be something to avoid and of course the killer of them all drunk dialing the guy you broke up with and proclaiming your ever lasting love for them lol especially if he did the bet is to take some time..."
14th December '13, 2:21pm
posted by Dee-Dee »
Thanks Mrs Claus: Chrissie presents - why are they nearly always the woman's job?
posted by Wice
13 "Men do not have much idea of what to buy - easier and less stressful if the ladies do it. As long as fellows have a bulging wallet. "
16th November '13, 9:46pm
posted by New Member »
Prenuptial agreements
posted by Mellow
24 "I never understood entering a marriage or getting to a point in your relationship where you had already foreseen and made arrangements for it ending badly. Having said that my cousin entered a pre-nup with her partner when they moved in together. ..."
15th November '13, 5:26pm
posted by lr »


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