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After 40 years in a steady relationship my partner and I separated. I decided to look for love online. Unfortunately the majority of hits were from young ladies the same age as my adult children. I wonder how many people have actually found real love and happiness through online dating sites.



Well Muadib13 I met my partner on there, I am 40 and had been single for 10 years. I didnt meet anyone through work or through social things, sporting groups etc. I decided to try the 'findsomeone' site. I liked this one as you could pay a fee and be in the gold area, I think the gold area is a more serious area as people have paid to be on there, so I think they are more serious about looking for a relationship. I put in what I was after and I didnt limit myself by just putting that the person had to be from my city. Well after a few weeks on there I met my wonderful partner who I have now been with for three years and he wasnt in my city. I have to say most of the people that contacted me were about 20 years older than myself. So I went and looked for who I would like to talk to that was in my age range. Also they had a application called perfect match on there, and my partner ended up being number 2. So I definitely think it is something that can work, you just need to weed out al the people that are just on there for fun and see if you can find someone with similar interests etc. Just be careful what site you go on to.


That is great to hear Coco. I am on that dating site. I have met a number of ladies through the site but have yet to find the one that I feel comfortable with.



My dad has been with his Partner for nearly 10 years and they met online...



Havent tried it. But you do hear so many bad stories, Be careful and lookout for yourself :)



I met my partner on line, he's wonderful and we are really happy! there are so many other "normal" people out there looking for love, don't let the small percentage of dodgy ones ruin it for you. I was a single mum and I don't drink so I found it really hard to meet people so online was the only option, and luckily for me it worked out....Good Luck x



Haven't tried it either but have heard a lot of great and terrifying stories regarding online dating - just be careful and take car of yourself first when looking online for love.



One of the things I would highly recommend is seeing more than one photo of the person, there are a lot of people on online sites that arent who they say they are and look nothing like the picture. So if you see 2 or 3 photos its probably likely them.



Oh also try one of there Single Events - I think that would have been quite fun, agian thats on findsomeone, they have events in most of the cities :)



It's so great to see people that have had something decent from online sites!



I know a few people who have met and married through online dating!! and alot of people who have found great happiness... what ever there age!! go for it i say!!

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