Discussing :: Have you ever been 'unfriended 'on Facebook?



YES! people unfriend me...the funniest thing is that one person said (before she deleted heaps of her friends). Something along these lines...

'Its time to delete people I never talk to...and that never talk to me, I need a change' la di da di da!!!!

Next minute I refresh the page and BAM! we're not friends anymore.....awkward....I think its silly when people write these silly little statuses telling people they are gonna delete their friends, I really don't think its quite necessary.

What is worse is when people add you (cause they are clearly being nosy and want to know more about your life etc etc). Trust me, I know of these people and all they get is an 'ignore' HAHA!. So anyway, they add you...find out all the information they want to know and then DELETE! hahahaha. Awkward as, but ohwell. Each to their own.



I've being Unfriended, by my own brother!! lol. He caused alot of drama in the family so I set him Straight, nek minute lol.

But thats ok, hope I dont get unfriended by anyone else.



I've unfriended people that just keep spamming facebook with rubbish status's like 'I'm having a pie for dinner.' WTF! Who cares!



I have had emails in my yahoo account from people wanting to friend me on facebook - even though i have most of my details private (incl email) so that was a real wake up call



Yes i have been un-friended, and i have unfriended myself. Not Offended by it, i'm aware it's not real life! theres not much point keeping people on your list, just to have high friend numbers, when you don't communicate with them.



I've unfriended people that I used to work with in hospe, they were over in NZ doing the OE'S and I would have known them for a couple of months and realised the other week I haven't seen or heard from them in years that it was no point in being friends with the on fb!



I just de-faced someone. He was being a total dick on my facebook page. It felt so good!



i've been unfriended quite a few times. doesn't worry me at all.



I few times. But it doesn't worry me.
And I unfriend quite often.
But the people who unfriend me can't be that important as I never know who they are!!
Maybe upset if I did notice.



To be honest I've never noticed if I've been 'unfriended' if that has been the case then obviously I never considered them to be a friend and there is no love lost. On the otherhand I have sent a friend request and had it ignored and I know on purpose. That sucks....but then I guess it's a hint to me that the friendship is over. (Be nice to be told face to face tho).


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