Discussing :: Have you ever been 'unfriended 'on Facebook?



I have probably been unfriended, but I really don't care! I don't keep a list of whose there (or not).
It would be interesting to see who's still on your friends list in a years time.
Annoying status updates are the biggest one for me. Sometimes I just block their updates from my view.


I so agree with you Rosie and the same here I honestly really don't care...and yes some friends status updates are very painfully annoying...and same here I block them too.



I thinks that facebook should change the status question from “what’s on your mind?” to “what’s your problem today?”



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no and I couldn't care less if I was. Life does not equal Facebook.



Yes I have and was quite offended....When I asked the friend why she had done it she she was culling her friends...wow I felt like animial in a herd that was about to be shot...lol...


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Yup and I felt quite gutted. So I blocked her so she couldnt see anything I typed on mutual friends walls etc.



Yep, I've been unfriended... was expecting the ones who did it after my ex and I broke up, but have been surprised by a couple... not so much that they unfriended me, but that it took me so long to realise!



Yes I have been unfriend in facebook there was this one that i would love to know why she took me off as we where chatting away as we are friends then next day she's not on my friend list... WHAT THE.....



I haven't been unfriended (not that I know of) but to get rid of a-little-too-many updates from people, it is so much easier to just unsubscribe from them..



Yup - every so often people have those god awful updates, stating that if you don't reply to this post, you will be unfriended - I rarely reply. I have unfriended a few as well, usually for keeping posting those fake warnings over and over... geez learn to google before you post warnings.


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