Discussing :: Have you ever been 'unfriended 'on Facebook?


Have you ever been 'unfriended 'on Facebook?

Have you ever been 'unfriended 'on Facebook? According to the Mail Online men and women view Facebook quite differently. Men tend to use the site for business network and 60% of male friendships ceme from mutual friends. Women use it more as a creative outlet. Below is a chart give the main reason men and women and and remove friends - quite interesting!

For more information go to:



Ha ha no I haven't been 'unfriended'on Facebook - not yet anyway. Hope I don't that would be sad :(


Yes I have! And the cheek of it was that the person had friend-requested me! I felt like why did they bother - rude!



The table:



i have... it was an old friend and we had a rather large and important dissagreement..... and havnt spoken ever since... but for some reason she added me... then a few months later unfriended me... lol... Who knows!!



....hahaha yes I have and was glad I was too, wasn't from disagreements it was a person I went to school with but haven't seen him in a number of years and could barely remember who he was and like you Anna he requested an add but this time I ignored it....lol....but I have also un-friended a lot of people from mine too....because I think I have to many....most are my family and there are a lot of them and I can imagine what their reactions would be if I did....lol....thankfully you can now hide your friends list....I don't like having mine shown......for some reason



I've never been unfriended but I did so to about half my Friends list a month back.

It was mostly people who I knew in high school but barely interacted with, who had friended me, and all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. It's partially a case of wanting a more manageable group of friends who can look at my statuses and stuff but I also got sick of the drama that was being stirred up by some people and the never-ending status updates consisting of song lyrics and game requests from most of my relatives.



...I really glad that you can hide your friends list....one thing I am definitely not a fan of in Face Book is all those gaming app requests they drive me nuts....even after I say not to send the requests...and yes I want a more manageable group too....



Facebook should have a limit on how many times you can change your relationship status. After 3, it should default to UNSTABLE




I like :)



There is so much drama on Facebook;
I`m surprised that they don`t have an awards show!



I've been 'unfriended' once that I can think of, by a uni lecturer, for no apparent reason as we still talk in person at Uni. Whatevs.

I've removed people for annoying status updates, and for being a manipulative controlling bitch to a good friend of mine.

Mostly now I just block their updates so I don't have to see them or think about them, but I don't have to offend them either. Although if they are manipulative controlling bitches then really the goal is to offend...



Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you don’t know.


...I get digitally poked by randoms...and I find it totally bizzare....which ever Face book Developer came up with that little gem....what were you thinking.....

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