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Why is it these days all that guys seem to want is sex? What has happen to good old chivalry and courtship? I have been single ever since I joined facebook. Hoping someday soon I will get to change that status from single to in a relationship.


I have found that as you age finding the right man is harder, but when you do; because you have had more of life's experiences you know exactly what you want and that goes for some men too. It's not all about sex and what you look like it's more about being there and looking after each other in life


Amen to that. I also think I compound the problem by talking my self out of a relationship before it's even begun. If there's a guy I like I'll think of all the reasons it won't work, imagine how terribly it will end, who'll get hurt, etc, etc., and then, unsurprisingly, I'll go off the idea of a relationship with him. And yes, I realise I'm my own worst enemy as far as this goes, and this probably goes a long way towards explaining why I've been single for so long... but on the upside, I haven't had a failed relationship in... awww... more than 5 years!!!




Don't I know it about the being single, and wanting a real "old fashioned" type romance. Just not fair.



Don't worry, not all guys want only sex. There are still lovely men about but unfortunately they tend to be less apparent than the others for obvious reasons. You never know who is just around the corner ;-)


why would you do that

Trust me, they are out there, it might just take a few dickheads to meet the right one. The best ones appear when you aren't "looking" or "on the prowl", just make sure you are out there at events, just to have fun, and maybe, just maybe someone might just catch your eye.



I was single for ten years - it took a long time to meet my partner. There are still the old fashioned guys out there, just might take a while to meet them.



Unfortunately you get to a point where all the good guys really are married. I've been single since I've had facebook too. One time a guy friend and I listed ourselves as being in a relationship for fun, and it was nice to not have 'single' listed for a change, even though it was an entirely pseudo-relationship. Well, he did ask me to marry him, and I did say yes, but we were mostly joking. But his family started asking questions, and so he changed it back.



Dangerous games.. I feel sorry for his family. It must have been stressful for them to see this.



Take two - but you were both single of course! Don't know what I was thinking. Must be that last post I answered about bad Dads. For some reason I got a block and read this as if the guy was married! Ah well, no harm done. It's a pity it didn't work out anyway. Mind you, if you are that way inclined, I think you can still sue people for 'breach of promise' when they propose to you and take it back! LOL!



I just want to meet a nice, decent and caring guy who loves me and wants me.



Adding doom to gloom this time, here is a map showing the ratio of males to females across the world:

ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_ratio


Wow! This is interesting info!!!

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