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Do not let your man go clubbing with his boys

You might do the i trust you thing, but women we shouldnt let men go clubbing with their friends. You might trust them but its not about trust, he shouldnt be going anyway


Wow, I wonder how you cope with you man using the internet & things like Facebook. I bet he's got little or no female friends right.



I don't know what you mean by we sholdn't let them go clubbing? What happened that you suggest we should not go? I guess it depends for everything different couple. We all have our different ways of thinking and what we think is right and wrong.

I personally have no problems with my boyfriend going out and doing this, as does he have no problem with me going out with my girl mates. Again, I guess it depends on each relationship and the 'rules' or what not. Iv'e always had this theory, I guess its not really a theory, but those that don't trust others, probably find it hard for them to trust themselves. Anyways.....



...I have no worries about my man going clubbing with the boys or having a boys night out...I like to go clubbing with my girlfriends and having girls nights out....we even get all our friends together and do everything together....if there is no trust then what is there?....besides he checks up on me not the other way around....lol...and his mates know me well enough so I would rather let him do his own thing then dictate or control what he can do cause that would just be a bummer in a relationship.....



I don't go out clubbing, too old and settled for that. But here's some food for thought ladies:

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?



I reckon that if a guy wants to play up when he's out with his mates then he's probably not worth hanging onto....what's a relationship without trust?...Men's brains are wired so differently to ours...you can look but DON"T touch otherwise...!!! Seriously though, if his hands rove as much as his eyes then let him go and do all the roving he wants!


...exactly if you can't trust the man then is it really a relationship?....and is he worth the effort...if there is not trust between me and my man...then to me he will no longer be my man to much of a hassle IMHO.....and yes look but don't touch goes both ways....lol



This question isn't about telling our partners what to do or not do. We don’t own our partners and can’t dictate to them. I don’t think it’s about trust either. It’s more about how both of you see your relationship and your expectations of each other. In my mind it's quite sensible to think about this rather than fall into “possessive” or “laissez faire” mode. Face it, he will do what he really wants anyway. So the problem is with you, how you feel about his actions and whether this fits with the image of the sort of guy you want.

Nothing wrong with going out with mates but doesn’t it depend on what they are doing? Do you feel ok about your partner enjoying other female company? Would it upset you imagining him after he has had a few drinks. His mates are flirting, dancing, spurring each other on. Would he be a dead dog or join in the fun? Would you be happy for him to have girls chat him up?

I mean, being realistic, take a look at how would you like him to behave and then at how you honestly expect he will behave. If you know your guy, you will know if the answers are going to be the same. If they are not, don’t sweat it… maybe he’s just not the one for you anyway.


This is a good point. If your partner is non trusting and has been unfaithful in the past, I guess this can create you to not want him to go out clubbing. But 'New Members' statement was a generalised statement, because not everyone should stop there other half from going out!

I would hate my boyfirend to stop be from going out. Id hate it, and the relationship would not function if I did not have the 'me' time I need!

I guess its a scary thought (I don't worry about it, but I can see how others might)... about your partner getting quite tipsy heading onto drunk and then checking out other girls and what not. Lets face it, they will do it whether we like it or not. I am sure some girls have a perve on other guys at other times also, so there is really no harm - sometimes. Except when doing it blantantly infront of the partner.....Its when they may possibly cross to the next line....but we should all trust our partners, otherwise why are we in a relationship? Trust is important for a healthy relationship!!!!!!!



im all for my guy going out. i trust him, and i know itll be me he always wants to go home with. I think its good for him to get to go out with the boys, they shouldnt be stuck doing female things all the time, and its a good chance for me to have a girlie evening... plus i enjoy going out dancing with the girls... bit of a double standard if i didnt let him go? and often we go out clubbing together!!



Dont have to worry about that my partner doesnt drink his father was a real heavy drinker and so was a lot of his family so doesnt touch the stuff also if he goes out to the movies or out as a sober driver then he can look at the Menus but he has to eat at home why have dried up meatloaf when you can eat a juicy steak


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