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Dazed and Confused

So its my birthday tomorrow and my partner has been on the internet and has now popped out to look at the shops to get me my present. So I decide to be a bit sneaky and search the history on the laptop to see what he has been looking at to give me a clue as to what he is going to buy. All he has been doing all morning is looking at photos on facebook, of girls he went to school with and one who we work with. Am I a fool? I really thought he was putting some effort into it but no! Thoughts?


So isn't he allowed to look at girls when he is in relationship with you? Do you really need present every birthday? Are material things that valuable to you than his presence, a lovely dinner with drinks on the side? Relationships are built on trust. Tell him that you saw what you saw ans why? Tell him how you feel about him and that (...whatever is your genuine reason...)



Sorry, but I think you were wrong to go snooping at what he was looking at. This was none of your business. It's a bit like reading someone's diary. Now you have to live with knowing this or confront him - a lose/lose situation! Such a pity with your birthday tomorrow and all - bound to put a dampner on things :-(



AWKWARD! I sometimes look at the history on my boyfriends computer (that we both use) just to look at things I have looked at and can't find anymore. Yes, I have found things I don't want to see...but ahwell :)

If it were me, I would not have looked at the history in trying to find what my boyfriend was going to get me, but then again, i LOVE surprises :) hehe! Hopefully what you've seen hasn't stirred anything up between you both...OH and I am sure he is putting in some effort into the pressie ;). You never know, he was probably way onto it and has got it already!! Have an awesome birthday, let us know what he gets you! :D



Ouch. That sucks. Similar thing happened to me when i was having trouble in a relationship. I don't even know how I found out because I wasn't intentionally looking for anything, but I found pages and pages of porn sites, or maybe files on the computer... it was a long time ago... Which I'm not entirely against, now, but when I found it and we'd been having trouble it just felt like he wasn't even considering trying to repair the relationship but seeking other outlets, as it were.

I don't know what you should do. I would say something, but I generally do the wrong thing in this situations, so if you can forget it then that is probably the right course of action. Sorry, I'm good at the 'been there' commiseration, sucky at the advice.



Shhhh! Perhaps he is planning a surprise birthday party for you with all your friends!



Got that wrong (it would be his friends wouldn't it) - but it was a stupid comment anyway so please ignore it. This is much more sensible...

Doesn't everbody sometimes browse the web looking at old friends? Doesn't mean anything. I've looked up guys I knew years and years ago just out of pure curiosity! Same with women I knew. Just forget it. I'm sure it's nothing.

Have an awesome birthday!



...I think you may have started something without realising it and that is trusting him from now on...you will now probably be curious every time he is on the internet and probably be watching him like a hawk at work especially around the co-worker whose photos you said he was browsing....It could all be innocent and he just wanted to have a look doesn't make him a bad person just a curious one....I don't think you can consider yourself a fool based on just that occurring....he may have already sorted out your gift but was just killing time perhaps am sure there are a number or reasons....just wait to see what happens at your birthday.....and give him the benefit of the doubt...it could all be above board...but I know one thing for sure if you tell him you were snooping in his things that could potentially cause some trouble....some that you may regret.....I think just see how the day goes before you decide what you want to do if you want to act on it at all.......



Dont read to much in to unless he has cheated on you we all hold good and bad memories of former loves aand they main thing is that he is with you not them


Dazed and Confused

I forgot to log on and wrote a big thing and then of course lost it, hate that. To sum up again I thought about it all day but said nothing, and I probably over reacting, I look at people on facebook all the time. So for now jsut going to get over it and forget about it, and def not go into the history from now on, like they say ignorance is bliss



....yeah just see how things go...and I hope you did have a wonderful birthday and celebrated it well....


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