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Age difference in relationships

There are a number of selebrities in relationships where there is a considerable age difference. In some the lady is 10 - 15 years older than the man. In others it is the other way round. Many of my friends consider the age difference of more than 5 years to be indecent. It would be interesting to hear from people in successful relationships where there is an age gap. And how do they manage their differences.


well i always seem to get younger guys chasing me since i was in my late 20's. the youngest age diffrence was 8 years, these never last long these flings but 2-4 years younger than me, last a couple of years. now i'm in my mid 30's i'm getting 22-24 year old guys chasing- hell, i've had my head screwed around by a guy 6 years older for the last 5 years- i think i'll go back to the young guys again- at least u always know where u stand with them and get lots of love!

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My mum and dad had 8 years difference and were married for 25 years...when they split she met another man who is 12 years older than her...age is just a number when you become an adult...it is when teenagers are involved that large age differences are creepy!



There is a 7 year age gap in mine and to tell you the truth we never even notice it. I think when your older its not such a issue, if its like 15 or 20 years maybe - as then you can be at different stages in your life. But if you saw my partner and I together you wouldnt even know there was a age difference. We dont even think about it.


but are you the older woman- or the younger woman? i'm done with older men- they have crazy ex wife, kids & play mind games- at least with a young guy hes straight up and you do know where you stand! humm debating a 15 year age difference with a younger guy- hell if demi moore gets accepted for being a cougar - why cant i? And if OLD men can do it- why cant we!



Im not in a relationship where that is the case. But i dont think having an older partner or being older than your partner should be something to criticize! Age doesnt matter.. just like looks shouldnt.. its whats on the inside that counts.



Age matters a bit I think, but it's really about where you are in your life, your goals, your plans, etc. I was married to a man 10 years older than me and though it didn't work it wasn't due to my age. I've since dated both older and younger and really it just comes down to compatibility.



I personally think age does matter, only because you are in different stages of your lives...as in if he is older and already had kids and the woman is younger and wants kids. But if you are in love and know exactly what you want then go for it, life is too short to be unhappy. The only age difference I don't agree on is when its a rather large one - as in the man could be your grandfather, I find that a bit strange.



My parents have an age gap of about 8 years and they are nearing their 35th anniversary and still going strong. I think it would depend on generation as well though? these days I dont hear about huge age gaps very often.

Either way - As long as everyone is happy then I don't see an issue.



There's a rule to this one. Half you age plus seven or something. I heard it on the radio the other day and it really made me laugh.
Although when my mother in law was 'out and about' to put it nicely... She wouldn't see anyone younger than her oldest son. Which was a bit blegh because he was only 17 at the time...


I kind of use that too. And the other way, your age, minus 7, then times 2 for the oldest.



Wa haha I love it Jacinta (the rule) that means Im fine with my partner.



I heard it on the radio a while ago and thought it was absolutely hilarious as they were talking about the Hef at the time and how he was getting married to Krystal?


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