Discussing :: What are some of your ultimate weight loss and fitness tips?


What are some of your ultimate weight loss and fitness tips?

I have just turned 26, started at 86.6kgs, after a month of eating right and signing up to the gym a week ago I am now down to 83.4kgs. I am 5 foot 5 and had been quite small all of my life, up until I turned 22. Major lack of exercise, major lack of any physical activity, I got tired. Now I am eating healthy, drinking lots of water and going to the gym. What are your tips for staying motivated?? My best one is to keep a journal of my diet, exercise and weight every day. I find if I can see what I'm losing and what works for me, then it motivates me to keep going and keep losing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! :)


Start weight training my friend!

As you become stronger, you notice:
-More definition
-Increased energy
-Faster weight loss than cardio
-Women who weight train become stronger personalities... It is EMPOWERING!
-You dont have to spend as long at the gym!
-You burn calories faster and LONGER after exercise



Hi, I have recently lost about 15 kg, and have 5 more to go till my final goal. I could try to give a quick answer here, but I have started a blog to help others which might be more helpful. www.puresong-livingwell.blogspot.com. I struggled with my weight for a long time.



Having a 'number' as a target helps your motivation. Start with small goals (e.g. 1kg this week) to boost your confidence, and the rest will follow. Best of luck!



Working In a takeaway shop i have found for me this is the best way to lose weight in the long term. but in the short term I tended to eat lots of bad food. But after a couple of months you get sick and tiired of burgers chips and other fatty foods and now if im hungry at work I will have a piece of grilled fish or a salad and have lost over 8kg in the last 6 months. This is not only from eating healthier but from all the running around in a hot kitchen you tend to drink lots of water and last thing you feel like is eating a burger at 10.00 at night .



One of my favourite small things to do and it really does work is to have 1/2 glass of water with a squeeze of lemon in it before each main meal.



My best tip is find exercise that you enjoy. I haven't been able to maintain motivation at the gym but walking a new scenic route (or something else I enjoy) doesn't seem like exercise at all.



Small attainable goals and rewards for whenever you reach them. Buy yourself something nice to show off your achievements!



Counting calories is the only thing that worked for me. And some exercise. But I didn't lose weight from the exercise, just food reduction. I used www.savinglucas.com to count my cals, and progress. It's free. I did great for several months (maybe 6) and lost 10kg and haven't gained it back in the last 6 since I stopped. I need to do it again to shift this last 6kg, just hard to get the motivation to start it again... :)



weighing myslf everyday... that is deff my fav... tells me what my body likes and whst it doesnt...if you get a good loss it makes you happy and motivates you... and if you get a gain you only need to look back one day to work out why..


Yip, weighing myself everyday is my saving grace and secret of success!


and its funny because it kind of known as a dating no no!!


Lol... I know Anna and that's what makes me laugh... because it TOTALLY works for me!
The whole weekly weigh is so discouraging when you feel you've worked so hard and you discover you've gained weight.


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