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Weight loss tips

I know that the whole world is obsessed with weight loss, its a Billion dollar a year industry, we are constantly bombarded with infomercials every day with a new Abdominizer to blast away those hard to lose kilo's. Good grief it never ends.

One successful way to lose a few kilo's I have tried and it works is to replace fried food with grilled food, that way you cook food in its own juices and no need to add oil or butter and it seals in the freshness.

A another method I tried and it really works is to have a Protein shake in the morning for breakfast, make lunch my main meal for the day, and have a protein shake for dinner. I go to bed feeling full and not bloated and I have nothing to eat past 7pm, I l went from 127 kgs down to 82kg in just over 6 months this way and I felt fantastic for it.

What methods have you tried?


WOW! Thats a lot of weight you have lost. Congrats. I think I might try this protein shake thing. I am constantly hungry though, so I am not too sure about missing out on meals. You have motivated me to try though :)



My dad has actually lost a lot of weight by drinking a protein drink for breakfast every morning. He thinks I should try it but personally have been to scared.

Drinks replacing meals aren't really my thing, but hearing this from more than one person definitely sways me a little. Don't you feel starving a lot earlier only drinking in the morning? Have asked my dad that but I'm thinking he would say anything.

I just stuck to the old eat smaller portions 5 times a day with exercising 1 hour at least 4 times a week. Seems a more slow but steady approach to me?



do you do any weight training... has the protien shake bulked you up muscle wise at all... ive thought about it but been scared that it would make me gain too much muscle!?



Wow thats awesome Rocketman - what an amazing weight loss! =) The replacement drinks have definitely worked for you.



I'm the same as Hannah - just eating smaller portions and replacing cake and biscuits with fruit. Add to that a bit of excercise and I am laughing! Am losing between 1 and 2 kilos pw.

BUt awesome results, Rocketman. May have to consider the protien shakes! Would love to shift my weight quicker! :)



Well done on the Replacement meal shakes - and YES I agree with your system of shake for breakfast and dinner and a proper meal for lunch.
As I came off the three shakes a day to two per day, I choose the lunch is my 'meal' so that anything I did eat that I really needed to burn off I had the opportunity to do so before the end of the day.
I'm a firm believer in only putting in enough to fuel the body for the activity it's 'about' to do, and that anything not used, will most likely be stored over night.
I've lost 30kg.



whats shakes do you guys use? have you found yum taking ones... i love food and i love preparing my food so i dont know that i could give up 2 meals a day for them... but maybe if they were super yum? the one that was in my cupboard that i just started taking smells yum... but dont taste so good =(



There is another forum thread on here which details replacement shake info.

Oh and I strongly DON'T recommend Slimmmm, it tastes so horribly chemical and gritty.


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