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Weight Loss - Mobile Phone Applications

I have been using the android mobile phone application "Libra Weight Manager" to record my daily weights.

It gives you a graph from your starting weight down to your goal weight.
You can choose to also display:
- BMI (Normal, Overweight, Obese I, Obese II etc)
- Forecast
- Goal line

It also gives you other useful statistics like:
- Your current BMI
- Your 7 day trend variation
- Your forecast weight loss
- Your expected date of reaching your goal

Weight Analysis provides you:
- Average weight loss by week, 15 days, month, 3 months, 6 months, year
- Total weight change
- Your month of greatest/lowest loss by weight and percentage
You set your:
- Height (metric or imperial)
- Weight (metric or imperial)
- Energy unit (kj or kcal)

And under advanced preferences you can set the 'smoothing days' (how strongly each weight value affects the trend) and 'forecast days' (controls how many days to use for the forecast calculation.

The programme is free to download (it has a little advert that runs across it) and it is also available on the internet.

I love this programme as it means I can pull out my phone at any time and show people how I'm tracking...

It has also shown me how my weight tends to 'scallop' during the week, best weights always around Thursday / Friday, weekends are my undoing and then Monday to Wednesday I do 'repair'

Give it a try if you have an android phone.

If you have another programme that you recommend - let us know!


Thats super cool, I wish I had one of those fancy phones, I will have to wait for the price to come down :)


i like i might have to look into this one! that looks awesome!



Screen shot - you can upload 'shots' from your phone to Facebook!

The reason it goes from a smooth line to scriggley is the first part is only a weekly weight that I've entered.. and after that it's a daily weight



Wow, that's such a nifty little app! I like how you can trend and forecast, and it's definitely handy as 'evidence' for self-motivation! Thanks for sharing.


yeah... and I've just realised that I set my height wrong when I downloaded and set it up so my actual BMI has dropped by 2.2 points.

Woo hoo, now I'm even healthier!



I'd really love to upgrade my phone so I can access apps like this! Sounds really useful! Sadly stuck with current phone for a bit longer I think!



Thats really great! have been looking into getting an android phone and I think that will be one of my first applications.



wow i should look into these... ive never really looked at any of them but they seem cool!!



It certainly is... and the Android phones aren't really that expensive - honest.

There are a number of other Weight Loss applications available, some which also record kj and food intake, exercise etc, but I found that I just wanted something simple for my weight only and this one was easy to use.

I downloaded a few of the others and one even allowed you can scan the barcodes with your phone (honest) to read the product details - great if it was a product that was loaded in, not so good if it wasn't.



This is just one of the benefits of owning a smartphone. I used to have issues with the price of an iPhone or an S3, etc. Then again, the apps are just heavenly. They can organize our lives. We just need to have that self control that the smartphone nor the apps don't own us.

I also downloaded a user-friendly weight loss application. I've incorporated it when I started using prescopodene an all-natural diet supplement. It'll be easier for me to track my progress when I'm using this supplement. So far, in 2 weeks' time I already lost 5lbs.

I'm hoping for the best. Having an app can help in motivating and challenging ourselves in testing our limits.



The Nike Training club is a great app!

It has different workouts, you can play your own music to, you can go for as little as 15 minute workouts and you get rewards….what more can you ask for really?!

It’s a great way of getting motivated before joining a gym if you’re a little worried you’re too unfit or just want a little push.

After doing a few you get great recipes for things like healthy smoothies etc….it’s fantastic and it’s motivating.



That looks really helpful. I find MyFitnessPal to be great. You can see what you are taking in, and what you are expending. It really helps me to be accountable.

I could definitely do with the Nike Training Club, especially if it helps you with workout boredom!

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