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Its all moderation that works together, but drinking plenty of water also fills the gaps, make sure you have smaller portions regularly this also works & carrots are also a great gap filler



Easter is a good & bad time for this...... the temptation leads one to run around the backyard trying to find the chocolate eggs.. The question is 'What does one do when you find them'?



Weight loss is a slow process, never aspect quick results. Eat green leafy veggies and fruits. Junks foods are not good for health. Avoid eating them. Cardio, weight lifting and stretching are best for burning fats of body.

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It depends on the type of foods you are eating. If you are eating junk food after exercising that isn't good but if you can eat a nice healthy meal you should be able to fill yourself up without making the exercise pointless.



I have just started back at the gym recently and it has been great, i am feeling alive again and its great for my self esteem. i think being active is important and re-joining a gym has done wonders for me.


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Exercise and diet are good things if you can do it but what if you don't have the time for exercise and you have a very good appetite? Now that was my problem. Good thing I found a pill that works for me. I searched the web and luckily I found Liproxenol. Its an all-natural pill that suppresses appetite. I've been taking it for weeks now and am happy with the results I'm seeing.


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Losing weight is about eating less. I agree with this statement. This was my problem before because I really love eating and there are certain foods I can't say no to. Good thing I found out about Liproxenol. Since I started using it about 2 months ago I felt the appetite suppression effect. Now I can say I am eating less. A LOT less I should say.;)


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