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Weight loss and exercise

I seem to find the more i exercise the hungrier I am and I find myself eating more than when i dont exercise, what could I do to stop these huger pangs? I feel sick literally like im going to vomit if im hungry so need some sort of solution, have tried filling up on water, that doesnt help and just makes me go to the bathroom more lol.

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I had the same problem Bambi. The more I exercised the hungrier I became. So instead of losing weight, I ended up gaining more because my appetite was increasing. Thankfully a good friend recommended a pill called Liproxenol. I immediately felt my appetite diminishing and along with it came my decreasing weight. What I like about it best was that I didn't feel that I was depriving myself of food because the truth was, I was actually feeling less hungry and I easily feel full.



If you'd like to loose weight you just have to choose your food better, but you also have to eat more if you exercise. Having said that, that doesn't mean you have to eat more calories (or not much more).
Try to eat more protein-filled food, because protein makes you feel full longer and also important for building up muscles. Eat carbohydrates with protein before you do your training, so your body can work without missing important fuels. But forget carbohydrates after your training and/or before going to bed.

Please, please, forget to look at your weight at the beginning, because muscles weigh more than fat, so you might loose fat, but build up nice muscles, so you may will weigh more, but this shouldn't demotivate you!

I hope I could help... Keep up the good work!;)



i was told that when your hungry is actually because your body wasnt fed enough nutriants the day before... so when you feel hungry dont just think about what u did that day.. but what you had the day before, and if your feeding your bbody the right things.



Just dont eat to much bread and pasta starchy stuff will make you gain big time



After growing up and being told not to eat between meals I find it really good to eat every 2 hours - smaller meals spread out during the day - and I hardly ever feel hungry and never feel too full to exercise. Try increasing your protein when you exercise to help your muscles recover and lots of fruit and veges for energy. Best of luck!



I am super hungry after a work out too. Try a protein shake or something like that. Its 80-90% what you eat. If you really wanna lose the weight give it all you've got!!! Its hard work tho but worth it. Try using myfitnesspal.com its good.



I find if I eat fruit, carrot sticks or a healthy snack before I exercise I can hold off the after-exercise hungers. Agree with Marley about fitnesspal, I have friends who swear by it.



Yep _ agree with Marley, too. Losing weight is about eating less. I've done fitnesspal, and another site like it, and it's really helpful. I find it hard to stick to recording all the data now, but when I did it for a few months I lost a reasonable amount of weight.

Exercise didn't really help me at all. Makes me fitter. Maybe feel better. But didn't help me lose weight.



Cutting down your portion sizes and not drinking alcohol & along with regular exercise is a big winner!



Sometimes if you can get past that initial physical hunger pain after about half an hour you find you're not actually hungry anymore. That's where you have to have the mind over matter thing happening to lose weight. My partner often says Ï'm starving!" and I say ah no actually you're not, maybe some African children in Ethiopia are starving - but not you. We have become a society that think it's such a crime to feel hungry. But I know that when I'm carrying extra weight that it's actually o.k. to feel hungry as my body will burn up some of the stored fat. I personally can't eat 3 meals a day, no matter what nutritionists recommend. I have a late breakfast & an early dinner and it's all the food I need, if I eat more often than this I put weight on. I just try to get a good balanced diet in those 2 meals. I think everyone is different and what works for one mightn't work for another.

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