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Started the day well, but then got back to my friends house to discover she had been baking chocolate chip cookies (with chunks of Caramel Easter Egg in them) during the day and had also purchased a pack of Mock Cream buns...
and yes temptation got me... sob...

My will power diminishes horribly while out of routine and certainly staying at a friends house does that.


dont worry you cant be as bad as me... last week holiday i went on i put on 3.5kg!! holidays are hard =(



Free cupcakes this morning... couldn't help myself, so loaded with sugar completely wrote off all the hard yards I've done this week grrr... : /



Okay by the end of stay with my friend I had completely given up trying to be good and ate (within reason) just about anything I felt like - right up the Thursday and then...

Muffin for morning tea
Calamari and hot chips for lunch
Toastie Marshmallow slice for afternoon tea
Butter chicken Samosa for dinner
And then tried to redeem it by drinking only water that evening... oh lol...

But to the hard and fast today though - poached eggs for breakfast, Protein bar for lunch, and a walk/run up the mount in the afternoon.... Chicken for dinner.

Time to re-focus again!



I'm drinking a lot of lemon honey drinks today, but that doesn't count as being bad (and super high in cals) if you're actually sick, does it?



doesnt count if your sick =P (lol any excuse!!)


Excellent! So that piece of chocolate cake I accidentally ate this evening doesn't count either! Cos I'm sick!


lol...... hmmm thats pushing it a little =P


no, no! I'm in the "it doesn't count went your sick" camp. I mean chocolate cake is like a cure then, right?


lol its the cure for anything!!


That's my philosophy!



i feel sick and horrible today... cna i have some chocolate cake??


Absolutely Anna! Have you tried my

chocolate cake in a cup?



i read it and dreamed!!!!! i do want to try though... need to wait till i have a girl evening.. my partner dont like chooclate... and isnt happy when i eat chocolate!!


The thing I like about the chocolate cake in a cup is it really only makes 4 small servings (2 if you're feeling very hungry) so you're not left with an entire cake to eat (slowly, and in very small portions, but still, the whole cake). We make about one a month when Dad comes over for dinner because he does the deserts thing a little more seriously than we do.



yer that is good... coz i always find when ever i make a cake we do end up with tonnes left over...and it cant go to waste!! =P



We usually have left over cake too. You need a whole lot of people to eat a whole cake. What I do is freeze and recycle. Iuse it for truffles or making a baked or steamed custard puddings. Find I throw out almost nothing at all. There is always something I can do to use things up.



lol we just eat it all over the next few days =P never goes to waste =P


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