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The Confessional...

Confess your 'accidental' dietary sin... and be free!


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Father I have sinned.

I purchased a packet of Griffins Mallowpuff Bites today while food shopping.

I thought I'd have one on my way home.... but somehow when I got home the packet was empty...

I'm terribly sorry - I don't know how it happened - how shall I make amends?



Mmmm they look so bite sized!



Sadly they are... one after the other, after the other...

It's going to be salad for dinner tonight me thinks!



mines ALWAYS ice cream!!!



Mine is doughnuts from Pack and Save I get the dozen pack and consume them in a weekend - me bad!


Are they the mini donuts or the mock cream ones?

I LOVE the mock cream ones, but no one else in the house does, so if I buy them I have to eat them all myself... and then I feel guilty about it and try to hide how many I've eaten by eating the remaining evidence... never a good diet plan!

So haven't bought for over a year now... I DO SO MISS THEM!!!!



Mine is BBQ Doritos! yummmmmmmmy! and Mintslice biscuits and M and M's!



oh gosh this thread is making me SOOOO hungry for all the bad stuff I love!



it totally is making me hungry... why does akl the yum stuff have to be so bad for us?????


i know... it's SO not fair!!!



Okay so whenever I see someone else eating something bad and yummy I'll seek it out...next shopping list...quick trip to the dairy and eat it myself...it looked so good I just couldn't help it...!


sob... and I had already been so good today choosing a salad for lunch and making sure I'd had food to eat before doing the shopping... but then I cracked!

Oh and my friend reckons those 'Griffins Collisions' need to come with a dietary warning too!


lol do you think a dietary caution would really work =P you already know there not good!!


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