Discussing :: Quick and easy, low fat but high nutrient recipes?


Quick and easy, low fat but high nutrient recipes?

I'm currently trying to change my eating habits and am attempting to eat more clean foods, while cutting out the things I know are bad for me, I'm looking at you big bowel of creamy pasta. Does anyone have any tips or recipes they wanna share?


I've been looking at Jamie Oliver's 30 minute recipe book, oh and its also just started on tv, not sure what day and time though. He uses lots of vegetables and natural stuff, I really love his cooking, see if you can watch the show one night to see if its recipes you would be interested in :)



google raw foods, paleo foods
Don't eat anything with wheat in it. Don't eat anything processed, try to cook as little as possible and eat as many things as you can that don't need to be cooked.
Also chew your food more - this may sound silly but chewing activates your digestion and helps break down your food, makes you eat slower and so you eat less, you will feel full with a smaller amount of food.
Look up The Blue Zones to see some great lifestyle tips/ideas to benefit your overall health.



I definitely agree with searching on google. Lots of good websites out there like http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/collections/quick_healthy_lowfat_recipes

where people can rate and review recipes so you can get an idea of what might be good to try.



The raw foods one sounds interesting.



I know people who swear by raw food diets. I'd really like to add more raw food into my diet.



Personally I would eat the pasta =) not lots of it and just realise that will mean exercising more to compensate.



i just cant get the idea around raw foods... i just cook freash foods with no oil and such...


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