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Newly Pregnant "Older Mum"

Having a minor freak out, newly pregnant, 16 years between #1 and this one, Im 35 which throws me in the "Older mother" category, anyone else out there in, or been in this position, I feel like I cant remember anything from when I was first pregnant and everything has changed, I have no energy at all, and unfortunately Im off work with a back injury! Ah life, how you challenge us all, ladies, what are you facing out there today?



Perhaps your body wants you to rest especially with a back injury.Massage and gentle exercise can help .
Lack of energy was always my way of confirming I was pregnant so get plenty of rest or put your feet up during the day.Lying flat of course will help your back or even better lie on the floor with legs bent at the knee resting on a chair or couch.
A good diet,plenty of little protein/fresh fruit and vegetable meals with plenty of fluids too.I assume you have had your iron levels checked because even just having low iron stores can make you really tired.
I was an older mother but these days there are many who have their first baby later.
Try to cut out those rich foods or too many takeaways too


My physio only does massage for me now, which is fine, I assume my iron levels were ok as the nurse never rang about my blood tests, my boobs gave it away, I dont remember them being this bad last time, they are on fire ha ha ha!

Im trying to eat more fruit than bananas as they are my go to, Im not very hungry but Im making myself eat, and Im doing as much walking as I can and swimming tomorrow :)


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