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Natural Sleep Remedies

I'm naturally a night owl but also terrible at getting to sleep (as some of you have noticed :) ) and was wondering if anyone knows any good tips that help them get to sleep. I'm a bit of a herbalist so not into taking any drugs to knock me out. I know the classics such as lavender essence, which hasn't been working as well for me as it used to and chamomile tea, but I don't really enjoy the taste so it's not much of a relaxing experience. Any others people have found has really worked?


My partner downloaded some relaxing sounds of sea etc onto his phone. The quality of sound on phone isn't very good so he plugs in his earphones but just lies them next to his head. The sound is almost like white noise, and he is finding it helps a lot.


I hear grapes eaten at night just before bed help and or a little cheese on crackers. but if you dont want to eat then theta brain wave meditation works amazingly for me, hot bath I find helps too:) and if your luck enough to have a spa pool one befor you go to bed will knock you out like a log haha



I've taken a couple of different types of sleeping pills in the past when I was really struggling and they actually didn't do anything. Didn't even make me feel tired let alone sleep!

Chamomile Tea, with something else in with it. Like Chamomile and spiced apple.

Valerian is another common one to help you relax and get to sleep. It's been banned for using with show horses because of the calming effect! You can get it in liquid form or to use as a tea.

Melatonin really helps some people.

Staying away from bright lights before bed, like the computer screen!

Warm baths, glasses of warm milk. I've heard some people think oat milk in particular helps.

Tart Cherry Juice, though I didn't find that helped me.

Will have to think of anything else I've tried!



For me I find being too hot or too cold are the absolute worst for my sleep.



Have you tried a herb pillow? A boring book can work equally well - as can an interesting TV programme!

Seriiously, I'm a night owl too and usually retire about 1..00 am. I always do one or two thSudoku puzzles in bed as the last thing of my day. I think it makes me forget about any worries and takes my miind somewhere else. Often I will find I am drifting off as I do it and have no trouble falling asleep.

Worst for waking up in the night is Hubbie getting up, me getting up, or being too hot!



Thanx Wice, Might have to try the Valerian. Also tried the Cherry drink, didn't seem to make me tired either, neither on Dad but tastes really good :).



A nice warm bath listening to great music, soft body and face moisturiser, a nice cup of green tea and big fluffy pillows and a man to cuddle up (and the rest)...lol is just what I need for my sleep therapy...o and a dark room I can't sleep usually if the room is not dark....totally different from when I use to study I could only get to sleep if I listened to music so I had my stereo on low and it had lights that flashed every now and then, so I would set it to play for like an hour and then switch off...lol



Damn...I'm missing the man to cuddle up (and the rest). I knew there was something missing...

I also like Relaxing Tea. The box makes a nice pressy for the cats afterwards too. It has catnip in the tea! (Don't think the cat find it very relaxing though.)


I'm totally buying that tea so I can give the box to my cat!

I generally get to sleep by staying up until I'm exhausted. I'm not saying this is the best approach, you understand...


That's generally what I go for too. It hasn't worked so well for me the past week. Been feeling exhausted in the mornings and then it hits in the evenings too. I feel old and boring and too tired to do anything interesting!



I love it how you're talking about not sleeping at close to midnight.



Hmmmm so I'm missing the man part, will be nice when he moves here. The soothing sounds of Jim Morrison's voice is usually what I choose to get to sleep to, must say I agree music does help. If I stayed up til I was exhausted Fi I would be up for 48hrs straight on a regular basis lol and I can't sleep during the day.



I also heard that having a set routine is a great help as it keeping your bed just for sleeping (well almost), eg. not doing work in bed on your laptop.

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