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My new plan

Ok, so I'm just gunna be entirely honest.
I have been VERY slack.
Before I got pregnant, I wasn't skinny, but I took care of myself. I was a healthy size and felt comfortable in the body that I had. I was a size 10 to 12.
But now, I'm a size 18 to 20 and I HATE the way I look and feel.
My son is now 21 months old and I think it's time that I do something about it.
So starting yesterday, I decided that I would walk every day and change my diet.
I went food shopping yesterday, and brought a whole lot of winter veggies and I'm looking forward to the stew that hubby put on this evening.

Any tips for easy/healthy snacks (that bubba won't stick his nose up at) as everything that I find seems really really complicated and time consuming.

I'm not too fussed on ingredients, the healthier, the better, but just need things that are quick and easy to throw together.
I will eventually look at getting in to the fancy dinners and what not, but I'm still getting over my laziness...



Some thoughts:

• Do you have a definite timeframe and a goal weight?
• Have you divided this into smaller timeframes and weight loss chunks?
• Are you committed to dieting regardless of the size of the results you see?
• Do you want spend your whole life “one-day-at-a-time” dieting or do you want to see-saw with rapid weight loss through diet and slow weight gain for the rest of your life?
•Do you see a complete food consumption change, as a viable life style-change.
• If you give up along the way, what ‘s the worst that will happen? Does this really bother you that much?
• Have you any incentive (punishment or reward other than weighing less ) awaiting your success or failure?
• Is the plan just in your head or have to told everyone about it so they can give you support?
•Are you ashamed or guilty about how you look and feel or can you live with this without much trouble?
• Have you written down your plan so you can keep a record of progress?
• Have you put a notice of your intention with a current photo of yourself on your fridge door and panty?
• Are you taking this one week at a time or just looking at 'sometime in the future" to achieve your ultimate goal?
• Why do you really want to lose weight - is this a stronger desire than short term yummy satisfaction?
•Do you feel loved as you are or do thing losing weight will make a difference?
•Do you feel physically attractive as you are and do you think losing weight will make you feel more attractive? What will this achieve for you?
•Will losing weight make you a ‘better person’?
•Does it really matter to you that you think you are overweight or do you think that in another non-media driven world, you could feel attractive and healthy?
• Are you in this for the long term, i.e. will you change your lifestyle and eating habits for ever, or will you go back to old habits (what you enjoy) once you have achieved your goal?
•How committed are you?
•What will happen if you don’t lose weight?
•Do you get sufficient exercise just living without having to go to the gym or exercising just because you feel you should?
•How could you change your everyday lifestyle to include more physical exercise without having to putting on sportsgear etc. i.e. turning on the TV at the set, sweeping the floor more often, gardening, doing something with your hands while watching TV, walking in your lunch hour or teabreak instead of eating and drinking.
•Have you made a commitment to buy only healthy, necessary foods, i.e. no biscuits or chips in the supermarket trolley?
•Have you made a commitment to never having seconds or nibbling leftovers?
•Have you thought of using a breakfast sized plate instead of a dinner sized plate for your meals?

OK, I’ve rambled on a bit but these are things to think about if you really want to succeed.
You picked a difficult time of year to start on a weight reduction plan though - when cold weather makes you want to eat more food - particularly hearty, comfort foods - so the very best of luck.

I did hear a supposed 'health guru' speaking some years ago and they had a plan which I thought might work better for some people who found little success with ordinary dieting. What this fellow did was to eat perfectly normally, but one day a week - any day that suited- he had a purely liquid diet, i.e., water, juice, tea, coffee... Whenever he felt hungry, he just had another drink. He swore that it worked for him and he lost a huge amount of weight. He said that once at his ideal weight, he continued a one-day liquid fast once a month or as soon he saw his weight going up slightly.

This sounded a pretty good to me and something I could do if it wasn’t having to look after others and cook for them. However, I find that the busier I am the less need /thoughts of food I have so maybe there is something here that you can use as well.



I know how you feel, after having my two kiddies...through lack of sleep and absolute bewilderment, my weight crept up. However, I am currenly doing the weight watchers pro points and it works for me - I have dropped 5 kgs in the last couple of months (slow but steady!). I has retrained my thinking when it comes to food and I actually think about what I am putting in my mouth rather than just eating it. I am eating loads of fruit and veges, more protiens and cutting down on the carbs as that was my downfall (total carb addict - bikkies & bread). It gives you that extra boost to succeed when you have to get on the scales each week and someone else records your weight! They also have some great cookbooks and recipes which are very quick & easy to make. Anyway, all the best with your healthy eating plan, and good on you. Let us know how you go!



i eat raisins and nuts for snacks. plenty of water to make me feel full. and lots of veggies, they say it should be half of your plate every mealtime. good luck!

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